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Tangley Place, March 2009

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Visited with Drypulse and 0xygen (not Oxygen Thief but 0xygen from Deserted Places). Having just failed at Pyestock, me and Drypulse decided that we would pick up 0xygen and go to this place. I'm informed that it used to be an animal testing facility but it had been burned and was falling down. For those of you expecting to feed twisted imaginations on disturbing-looking equipment and/or have Skinny Puppy's Testure video brought to life, the result would be very disappointing. However if you like to marvel at the way in which nature takes over and to look at the beauty of urban decay, Tangeley is a real treat. :D

My own warped imaginings round here centered on the cliched ideas of angry failed experiments hiding out in the ruins ready to murder anything human that tormented them and also thoughts of experiments a tad like those on Doctor Moreau's Island...yes, I have an odd little mind up there and imagine things on many explores. :P

Me and 0xygen agreed that this building would make an awesome setting for a horror film.



An animal carry case.





Drypulse wandering down a corridor







Splinter from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Part of my childhood was here! :P







Tangley place was very...tangly. :)



To see the rest, go HERE.

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