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A Famous Sanitorium in Berlin 2012

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 Hitler once spent time at this place. This was a strange place because there were also tours that were meant to be going on. You'd see all these random groups milling around as well as the blatant trespassers like us.

The ring of expletives...this tirade of abuse extended all around the room and encompassed everything from your usual insults through to derogatory terms for foreigners. Some words I didn't recognise and I will have to look up to extend my knowledge of multi-lingual profanity. :P


The Michael Jackson tribute wall...why the heck anyone felt the need to create a tribute to the king of pop in a hydrotherapy room baffles me but there you go.


Gotta love the tiles!



Disturbed graffiti is ace! :D






http://s142.photobucket.com/user/Dystopian_Wanderer/library/Famous Sanitorium in Berlin 2012


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You know what it was pictures in a magazine of this place that got me interested in this silly hobby in the first place. 

Nice one

Well jel

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