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Can you get Red Hot Dutch on these ? April 2015

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On the list on places you have to visit if your one of us weird urban explorers is Raf Stenigot.

Somewhere between the asylums that you must visit and them there dark satanic mills of Northern England is Raf Stenigot, for some reason it is written down in the rules of UK Urbex that you must visit this farmers field.


On top of a hill, in a farmers field in Lincolnshire are 4 f**k off parabolic dishes. Now this, I am told, is very common in Eastern Europe to find such paraphernalia littering the countyside - but this is England !!

Built in 1940 as part of a Chain Home radar station, RAF Stenigot was in simple terms a long range early warning system for air raids from the German Hun, primarily Luftflotte V and Luftflotte II attacks on the Midlands, Sheffield and Nottingham.

Are we allowed to use the word Hun these days ?? No ? Fritz ? I suspect not.



RAF Stenigot

"Bull in Field", not a good sign to see normally, however the referenced beast was in fact on the loose on the main road and currently admiring itself in the wing mirrors of my car. A nice large hairy bovine with reasonably sized horns, strangely not attracted to my rather red jacket.

RAF Stenigot


RAF Stenigot


RAF Stenigot


RAF Stenigot


RAF Stenigot

Pilgrimage done, time to move that bull along.

 RAF Stenigot

8/10 simples and strangely rather satisfying.

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