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Pilgrimage of the Village People.

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Pilgrimige of The Village People

Pilgrims were, Fragglehunter, Blacksnake, Tbolt, Z3nabi and Judderman well Judderman was supposed to be with us but fell at the first hurdle, even Judderman, the one so elusive that Yeti’s scoff at the mention of his existence and most humans can’t even see him with the naked eye, even he has to bow down before the traffic on Manchester’s motorway network!
Not a good start and compounded by Fraggs admission en-route that he had no posh pop!!!!


First up on our religious tour for the day was this place

 Protestants Martyrs Memorial Church

History (just in case you missed it first time round)

Founded in 1903 and closed around 2004. Founding Father of the Church was a Pastor George Wise. The church maintained a sound uncompromising Protestant Evangelical Witness. From her inception, enemies constantly prophesied her early demise but under God the work begun by Pastor Wise was faithfully carried out by his successor, Rev. H. D. Longbottom who died in 1962. The faith then continued by Pastor George H. Mason who died in 1981. On Wednesday 31st March 1982 this Liverpool Church and it's Protestant Congregation were constituted as a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. 


Those who have been paying attention over the past couple of weeks will have noticed that the Scouse member of team Weasel and property magnate The Right Reverend His Holiness The Blacksnake, who owns the rights to several tunnels under the pool of Liver, has acquired a new city centre location, a nice shiny new church!

He played with it the other week with W.I.M.R and very kindly lent it to the Manc side of Team Weasel for a Sunday morning


The explore



Entry was an absolute piece of cake on this one as BS had already claimed it for his portfolio and locked it up. But there was a catch. We needed, so we were told, to wear high-viz and hard hats as the place is right in the middle of a busy residential area, so we needed a disguise, and the Village People was chosen as our theme.

We parked up and met Mr Snake and then indeed dressed in hard hats and Hi-viz for a full frontal assault. One old aged scouser, two middle aged chubby chaps and one Hobbit like creature all dressed up like the Village People in broad daylight on a busy street in Liverpool, you couldn’t make this shit up!

The gate was unlocked and in we walked.

Although it is well derped in places there is some really nice stuff left in here to see.


Some pics
























Now for some reason Fraggs didn’t like the gifts we brought him in fact he was rather rude about the whole thing, even the squeaky football boot.



Then we Village peopled up again and left locking the gate behind us, its amazing just how invisable Hi-viz can make you sometimes.


Next up was this place.
Deep in the heart of Toxteth, the Mancs were really out of their depth here, even Mr Snake looked a little nervous.

Welsh Presperterian Church

Built in 1865, this derelict church has stood empty since the 1990s, known locally as Toxteth Cathedral or the Welsh Cathedral this totally derelict Grade II Listed church with its 200 ft steeple is an example of extreme dereliction. (Stolen from 12monkeys.co.uk)

This place is well fooked but still a good mooch

Entry was again easy into some of the church but entry into the main building was a little tricky, fallen roof and floors had blocked the way in apart from one window that a tree had grown up against but with some considerable skill I was able to manoeuvre my silth like body through a small gap and in I went. Once on the other side it was obvious there was a much easier way in round the side of this room so Blacksnake came this way, Fraggs on the other hand? well, he had gone to get his gear from the other room and decided to not answer his phone when we tried to tell him of the other entry so we said bollocks to him and went in.

Now Fraggs was a while following us so we carried on exploring and eventually Mr FH turned up looking a little disheveled and in some discomfort. It turns out he decided to try the over the top of the tree entry and (his words) "first I got my belly stuck, then my foot and then my Hi-vz" he was dangling by his Hi-viz with no way of removal and his arm was slowly being pulled from his socket. He didn't call for help because he knew we had cameras and he would be on you tube in a matter of minutes but he somehow managed to get free and tell us what happened, oh much merriment was to be had :lol:
















Then we found a very sturdy staircase up the steeple to this point but no further




 By now we were hungry (and thirsty Fragg) so it was off to team weasel cafe for egg on toast.

A supurb day with good explores and even better company, many thanks Mr Snake for the tour and as always the local


It should be noted that Fraggs did redeem himself a little with mars bars all round :D, but BS did let us down with no mini cheddars!!! :angry:

7/10 from me

Thanks for looking.

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