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On the Brink (or rather under it)

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A school night visit was in order for Mr Snapt and Myself when we visited this rather delightful deep level air raid shelter in Stockport following a tip-off from a rather delightful chap from 28dl, many thanks, sir.

So some how like a little Bradford Ninja Snapt snuck across the border from the badlands of Yorkinshirecester to gods country and to our shame good red rose folk, we did nothing to stop the blighter!

Entry was easy if a little undignified, the easiest way as far as we could tell was head first with legs dangling out on to a main road but hey ho I've done worse and Snapt
being a Yorkshireian has definatley done worse in fact this is probably how he enters his house.

We had the added bonus of putting the shits up some local yoofs whist we were there who it turned out were just smoking "the 'erb"

Here's a bit of blurb as always stolen from the internet

The Brinksway deep level shelter is one of three deep level shelters in Stockport. The air raid shelter tunnels were for civilian use and were dug into the red sandstone on which the town centre stands on. Work started on the tunnels in 1938 and the first set of shelters was opened on 28 October 1939. Stockport was first bombed on the 11th October 1940 The smallest of the tunnel shelters could accommodate 2,000 people and the largest 6,500 people.
Stockport is only 6 miles away from Manchester, the local folk complained the Mancunians were taking up all the room inside the shelters.

The tunnels were 7 feet wide and 7 feet high and had electric lighting and wooden bench seating. There were toilets, mostly chemical although a few were plumbed into the mains. A warden’s post, a first aid store and a tool store were also provided. As the threat of bombing receded in 1943, it was decided that the tunnels no longer needed to be open every night. After the end of the War, the tunnels were sealed up and remained virtually as they had been. 

Here's a few pics although this shelter is vast so we plan a revisit.


Old bunk beds as far as we can tell


Long Bedroom






I rather enjoyed our short school night visit and hope to return

7/10 from me.

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