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Jutebog base, Brandenburg , Germany

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Now then

this isn an interesting location. located on the outskirts of Jutebog, next to the Alter lager complex. Altes lager has been extensively mashed  and is now the home of several wind turbine machines. Jutebog base itself is an odd mashup of nazi and subsequent red army development. possibly the easiest place i have ever accesed- the gap in the 1m fence proved rather easy to surmount. nature has enthusiastically taken over, but the site is pretty large and has some delightful buildings, albeit extensivelly stripped and tagged by local youth. many buildings are sealed and TBH, once access was gained, there wasnt much to see inside


the site is still partially in use- the football field is maintained for the local football team and a clubhouse is still used regularly. 


graf found daubed on an attic wall reads

" Dagestan
Alik, Arsen, Maga, Asadula
dmb (demobilised) May 79"

Those boys were likely grateful they never went to Afghanistan- the joy of DMB is palpable










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Where is got interesting was in the workshops area- huge swathes of garages and storage areas. still smelling of oil and garagy things. at first they seemed inaccessable, but with a bit of prying, pretty much all of it was open without any B&E needed. Russian script notices still lingers on some walls and offices. a cache of trabants made my day










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