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First things first (courtesy of Wikipedia):



Stratheden Hospital is currently a small community hospital in Cupar, Fife which was originally called Fife and Kinross District Asylum. Its name was changed to Stratheden Hospital in 1948. It was built in 1866 and redeveloped in 1896, 1905, 1960-1975 and 2015-2016. It became a centre of excellence in Child and Family Psychiatry from the 1960s. In the 21st-century, it caters for psychiatric health.[1][2]

When the hospital was opened on 1 July 1866, it was known as the Fife and Kinross District Asylum.[3] 159 patients were recorded on the roster although it was built to accommodate up to 200. The first chief physician, John Batty Tuke, pioneered the hospitals "open door" policy and helped change traditional methods of psychiatric care. Due to eventual overcrowding, the hospital was extended in 1896. Costing over £20,000, the extension increased the patient capacity to 600 and a further two new hospital wings were also built in 1905 due to the increasing number of patients.[2]

The creation of the NHS in 1948 completely re-organised the British health system and its hospitals. With the introduction of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1947 the name of the hospital changed from 'The Fife and Kinross District Asylum' to 'Stratheden Hospital' on 7 July 1948.[2]

A leading Child and Family Psychiatry Department
1960 saw the arrival of Dr Douglas Haldane, an energetic and recently appointed young consultant child psychiatrist.[4] He had the novel idea of calling his department "Child and Family Psychiatry", a name that was to catch on elsewhere. His unit was located at 'Playfield House' and was opened in the grounds of the hospital. As the label implied, it catered for children, adolescents and their families.[5] Eventually, in 1975 two purpose-built buildings were set aside for the in-patient care for whole family groups, along the lines of the Cassel Hospital, south of the border.[6][7] The other consultant child psychiatrist appointed to the hospital was Dr Simon Lindsay, who had been a trainee of the distinguished child analyst Melanie Klein. Lindsay was said to have been the only direct Kleinian in the whole of Scotland.[8]

Recent developments
Plans for a new Intensive psychiatric care unit at Stratheden were approved in 2014 and construction began in 2015. The extension cost £4.4 million and includes a communal lounge, rooms for rehabilitative and therapeutic activities, access to an outdoor courtyard, private meeting rooms for visits from families or visitors, an IT suite and eight new patient en-suite rooms.[9] It was opened in May 2016.[10]






I planned to visit a power plant in that area this weekend with Mr Z (not present on this forum) but were gutted to discover there's nothing left of it. A quick glance at the map reminded me of a pin dropped in a small town not far from there. We didn't have much hope for an exploration as the site remains functioning with patients and staff living in new buildings nearby but after a bit of poking around and a chat with a guy who turned out not to be a security guard calling for reinforcements on this phone, we managed to sneak in without breaking anything.


We found dozens of dead birds scattered in the rooms and corridors. They appear to fly in through a broken ceiling in the gym hall and probably just can't find a way back out, dying of starvation and exhaustion. Luckily the door were still in one piece so we closed them.


We also stumbled across few paintings and windows decorated by the patients.













Pharmacy department:


















I really struggled to ditch any photos so decided to share most of them here www.forgottenisland.net/stratheden-hospital




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That's bloody nice is that sir. 

Top work

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Too late to edit the post now so I'll just add few more here






An old chair scale, still working (and yes, I need to go on a diet)




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