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Tax deductable, May 2017

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Built in 1904 , Lt. Col. H Ramsden Jodrell lived here until his death in 1950. After this it has been a school in various guises, mostly for disruptive and emotionally disturbed children. These would live here during the week and go home (if they had one) at weekends. It closed in 2005 and has been blighted by vandals and arsonists ever since. It was apparently sold in 2009 for £900,000 but still it decays.
 After finding the place easy enough we had to find a more discreet way into the grounds (other than the main gates). This was easier than expected with fields and a public footpath behind the school. Approaching the first building it was evident that this place was trashed. fire damage was noticable in several buildings and as usual all the windows (inside and out) were smashed. Thieves had been at work too with fireplaces gone and anything else of valu. Just a couple of years ago there were typewriters, computers, pool tables and even documents relating to pupils still here. But not now....
 Considering the fire damage inside was fairly sound although some of the upper corridor floors felt worryingly unsafe, Fortunately i survived....so heres some pics


Thanks fer lookin

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