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HISTORY:- Originally built in 1923 as a garage and car showroom, it was converted into a luxury cinema in 1938 by architect George E. Tonge. The Grand Cinema opened on 14th November 1938 with Arthur Tracy in "Follow Your Star". The cinema was designed for and operated by an independent operator throughout its cinematic life.

Seating was provided in a stadium plan with a sloping floor at the front (known as the Pit stalls and stepped floor at the rear which was known as the Royal stalls and Grand stalls. An unusual feature was the provision of a balconette which was attached to each sidewall. Seating was provised in pairs all along towards the proscenium. There were decorative grilles each side of the proscenium opening which contained the organ pipes of the Compton 3Manual organ which had an illuminated console on a lift, in the centre of the orchestra pit. The organ was opened by Herbert A. Dowson. In the ceiling was a large shallow dowm which had a central Art Deco style light fixture. There was a cafe provided for patrons.

In 1963 the Compton organ was removed to Cheetham Hill Methodist Church in Manchester, which in later years was moved to Chorley Town Hall. In 1966 another Compton organ was installed at the Grand Cinema which had previously been housed in the Regal Cinema, Douglas, Isle of Man and this was opened by Charles Smart.

The Grand Cinema closed on 2nd July 1966 with Sean Connery in "Thunderball" and Peter Cushing in "Hound of the Baskervilles". It was converted into an independent bingo club, and the Compton organ was played to bingo players at the interval during the first few years.

The Grand Cinema last operated as the Stanley Grand Casino, and from 2007 became the Mint Casino, but this was closed by May 2016 and the building is boarded up in early-2017. It is a Grade II listed building.

The Visit:- Big thanks to T-Bolt for the access details for this. although a busy rd it is quite easy access. A massive hall and is very dark and also i noticed how dry my lips and throat was after exiting the building so a face mask is advisable. 

The Pictures (pic heavy)








the main hall


first floor bar


main entrance staircase 




locker room
























Leslie speaker amazing sound!




main hall




chicken in a basket!




safe n sound!


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1 hour ago, Fragglehunter said:

excellent Mr Pig, most excellent - brings me to tears Sir

My incompetence knows no bounds gggrrrrr 

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On 16/03/2018 at 12:26 PM, Coolboyslim said:

Really nice pics. Have to say the first room was huge and pics really dont do it justice @Tbolt @Fragglehunter you need to see it. Shows its still viable . Good stuff @PORKY PIG

thanks it is massive and very dark!! hard to light it proper for the pics. love these places but for the first time as an explorer felt the dust as i came out so gonna get some face mask for future explores 

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