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Oaks Hurt, september 2016

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Oakhurst House is a "tudorbethan house" located off the beaten track in Shining Cliff Woods. The house was built in 1848 by industrialist Francis Hurt behind his wirework business in Ambergate. It was designed to house his three unmarried daughters, thereby freeing up Alderwasley Hall, his main seat, for his male heir.

Hurt's plans never materialised, however, and his daughters did not move into the house. Instead it was bought by the Thewlis Johnson, part of the wirework business. The house remained a possession of the wireworks during the later 19th and early 20th centuries, with some alterations being undertaken during the 1890s.

In the 1970s Oakhurst House was converted into flats; however, with the bankruptcy of the wireworks and the deteriorating condition of the building, the flats were abandoned in the same decade. Since then, the house has remained unoccupied and is now derelict and a partial ruin. 
Arriving at what i thought would be an easy way in we soon realised it was a no-go as part of the wire factory was actually live, with on site secca. Cue plan B....
After a couple of miles detour we parked up in the shining cliff woods and headed off down what we hoped was the correct path. Heading in the direction of the wireworks we soon came across a row of derelict and overgrown cottages and other outbuildings. The dense woodland made even the daytime dark and gave these cottages quite a creepy feel..Further down, the path widened as it approached the old wireworks. Just a barrier across the road blocked our path, No fencing, no keep out signs and no one around.
Onwards along this long strip of tarmac lined with long sheds and factory units (some built on footings over 150yrs old). 
Most of these buildings were intact but were little more than giant empty spaces with little character or interest apart from the grafiti that littered the whole site.
Finally ,a pair of giant gateposts,, (marking the driveway to the mansion) came into view, along with the usual "Private Property" signs.Ignoring the signs we turned up the hill and went back into the Shining cliff woods. An extensive old woodland , once said to contain the best oak in england. It also homes an ancient Yew tree said to be 2000yrs old and also the original inspiration for the lullaby "Rock a bye baby, in a tree top".
we didnt go far before we found the mansion (recently offered for sale for £1).
the Mock Tudor timbers and woodwork has faired reasonably but behind that impressive facade lies a crumbling shell with no roof, no floors and even no stonework in places,,,,Heres what we found...........
first, heres a couple of pics i found of the house before it was abandoned
this one is dated 1950
38919431340_81ac168343_z.jpgoakhurst1 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr
26858334618_823764c51f_z.jpg40378714.34b02f57.640 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

in stark contrast this is the same side as the previous pics, The roof has totally gone including the gable end walls
33519456403_26142e96bd_z.jpgDSCF3359 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

33519457323_9d6d4a8dff_z.jpgDSCF3357 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

34329830145_56ca85d183_z.jpgDSCF3354 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

as the woods gradually engulf the house there is no sign of the once immaculate lawns
34288778006_c666bafeba_z.jpgDSCF3376 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

the opposite side is relatively intact but you can still see sky as you look up through the windows
34198873401_ca9160e405_z.jpgDSCF3378 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

some impressive, if OTT stonework supporting the most endearing feature of the house
34171605842_0df53b3152_z.jpgDSCF3382 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

you can see a thin studded wall half way across the window, i assume this was done when it was converted to flats. Doesnt look like you would have much privacy with walls that thin
34198942661_5ca643aa75_z.jpgDSCF3344 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

34288810736_4287f9dd13_z.jpgDSCF3345 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

34198901141_9ebe601869_z.jpgDSCF3368 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

33487962334_0c12b52ab1_z.jpgDSCF3373 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

was gonna enter here until i saw how sketchy the floor was
39834455865_e6898527be_z.jpgDSCF3365 by Tazz & Moomoo, on Flickr

hoping to visit again soon before it completely collapses
thanks fer lookin

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She’s still quite impressive from the outside. PS: glad you didn’t step on that floor! Thanks for sharing 😊

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