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The Dolls House

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Now as a rule I don't explore houses and I dont explore alone, so this morning I decided it would be a good idea to go and explore and abandoned house all on my own.
But with a marriage proposal from one of our members already under my belt today what could go wrong? well....err nothing it seems.

I have no history whatsoever on this place but I do need to say a huge thank you to a non member explorer for the intel on this.Thank you miss Bugs.

On with the pics.


This pace has been empty a long while by the looks of things but it has been emptied of all items and somehow still seems to hang on to lots and lots of charm.

After finding the entry point I decided to do away with the usual surefooted stealthy ninja technique and after much deliberation decided that a method of falling head first into the building and landing on my face instead would be much more dignified!!! Well I was in at least.


































On google earth there are loads of Volvos here in various stages of derp but they have all been removed apart from one but a fantastic little explore this was, really enjoyed it and if I wasn't such a girl cus I was on my own I'd have stayed longer but without the chuckle brothers as backup it was a quick visit

8/10 from me this place and in case you are wondering the entry technique works just as well for exfil.

Thanks for looking.

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19 minutes ago, Tbolt said:

Seemed to be yes in fact it still is, it was at Liverpool the other day as well 

Are you sure it didn’t follow you home?! Wahahaha!

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