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Kilted Mac

Ruined Castle (Just a Taster!)

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Just a couple of pics of our local ruined castle - Dunnottar by name. Very heavily visited as it is an attraction to tourist from all over the World. Not really derelict as such so maybe doesn't qualify!

However it is some place, very old and historic and steeped  in blood and terrible deeds done in the past, I will go and take some more up to date pics of the inside bits when the weather improves, it gets a bit breezy round your parts there in the Winter. I will post 'em up if anyone is interested. It also is a huge site and has lots of interesting bits. Now I remember, it was also used as a set for the film version of "Hamlet" with Mel Gibson some years back, it was disguised (or even disfigured!) with canvas painted as battlements that were helicoptered across as it was supposed to Elsinore Castle in Denmark. Read up on yer William Shakespeare folks or watch the film - some mixture...an Ozz person playing a Dane in a castle in Scotland and written by an English Chappie......WTF!!

The main hazards nowadays are a heart attack from climbing back up millions of steps and being heavily shat on by various types of Seagulls when they are nesting round about it in the Spring and Summer! Some poor affluent fools from "dahn saff" come up this way on holiday in open topped sporty cars and get heavily blessed with the contents of seagulls bums, now, the acid in the Gulls belly is strong enough to dissolve fish bones (mostly) then the remaining hard stuff and acid comes out at high speed from the non beak end, the local hairdressers do well with the shampooing when THAT happens. The locals just cackle and nod wisely (?) to each other (they are usually heavily related in these parts if you know what I mean....). I am ok, I come from much further inland where the men are men and the sheep are very scared.

Been togged up in the full kilted bifter to attend a wedding that was held outdoors there a few Summers ago, it was really impressive and even better it didn't piss down with rain or the aforementioned  S .G . poop.





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I do like a good castle on my holidays sir

Cracking write up too. 

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I do too, though we are not exactly short of them in one state or the other this part of the world! It is sunshine and warmth we are usually short of hence the hols to Menorca etc........B|

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