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Light Fantastic!

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Come on chaps and chapessesss.... Let's ave some of your dark o'clock shots.

Personally, I love the challenge of night time photography as it goes against ALL the rules. From the very dawn of image capture, right up until at least half an hour ago, photography relied upon the levels of 'light' filtered via witchcraft and black magic onto a recording widget (film or digital) to create an image.

So, what options do we have when no natural light exists? Well, fortunately some smart ass invented electricity, spawning an array of artificial lighting effects n stuff. All's 'WE' have to do is dial in the right settings and reap the rewards.

But Oh no... It aint that easy, in fact it's a time consuming, frustrating pain in the ass! But it's (occasionally) worth the effort, so here's one or two of my efforts....

Temporary "PIKEY" (YES... PIKEY Mr Tbolt) Funfairs use light to draw 'us' in, and 'our' cash out... Here's how to get FREE rides for life...

The 'MACH-5' at Liverpool's Pier Head...



















After a good half hour of long exposures and ISO tweaking I noticed the curious look on the face of this rides owner, a Mr P. Ikey! I blue-toothed him above images... FREE RIDES FOR LIFE! YAY



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I took a picture of my brother but  facebook super killed the quality of it ¬¬


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weird position of picture
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Good show chaps and chapessesss...

Love the B&W effects on your light trails Mr T.... Was talking about just that very thing with a mate t'other day, shall giving it a go... Nice jobbies from all


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