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Paris Catacombs, February 2010

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Visited here with Marc and Cat Bones. Whilst I knew that this place was huge, I was quite unprepared for just how big it was! It was a pitch black labyrinth of tunnels leading off other tunnels and alcoves that lead to nowhere. For the most part, you could hear little more than the rumbles of subway trains.

The catacombs have some rooms that have been beautifully decorated with mosaics, gorgeous graffiti, sculptures and in one instance a model of a castle guarded by a motley crew of toys. The tunnels seem to go on forever and I could happily go back for another adventure down there.

We bumped into members of another forum down there and I regret not taking along any Relentless shots because I felt so anti-social when physical exhaustion and my body clock conspired to make me feel ill and need to sleep at my normal time. We slept in the thick darkness and our lullaby was intermittent rumblings of subway trains.

We had some interesting stares when we emerged onto the street caked in filth. Sometimes,, random locals would say "les Catacombs?" to us, knowing full well what we had been up to even if we weren't really meant to be there. Even the woman where I'd left clothing in a locker at Gare Du Nord asked me how the catas had been.

The catacombs are a very tiring trip and I was actually happy to just lie still in broad day light and silence when we'd surfaced and showered. If I'm content to do nothing without the use of music to help dull my mind and/or other interesting and calming sounds, you know I'm half dead.



I'm informed that this guy was a policeman who if he knew you were one of the regulars down there would not fine you.



With the addition of food, someone sought to make this statue more anatomically correct



A bird mosaic.



A rather ornate place in the wall to put candles.



There were many flooded places in the catas. Sadly my waders leaked as we came out.



I'm informed that many street names corresponded to the actual streets above.



That tiny chink of light is from a man hole cover...we were very deep below the city



The castle. Also where we met the two guys and their punk rock.



I thought that Sponge Bob was an awesome use of a square bit of rock! :D



Looks like a bad 'shrooms trip.



From classy art...



...to cheap tart. :P



If Salad Fingers and Jack Skellington had a baby somehow...I reckon it'd look like this:



Does anyone else's imagination spot the rusty terrier?



The lantern room.



Oodles of human bones.



Bunker door. This was part of the German bunker.



To see the rest, go HERE.

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