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Found 4 results

  1. Hotel Du Crap, Walsall 2013

    Visited this little place with Petzl, Indy and someone they knew. Can't say that there was much left other than some lovely stained glass and a nasty surprise...we turned into a corridor that smelled of human urine only to find bags of human excrement. You know it's bad when your mate says to turn back because his shoes are soggy. This place closed down because it was basically a really bad hotel. In fact, the hotel just up the road got converted into a nursing home for the same reasons. Despite being trashed and wrecked for lead, the place did have some interesting features. BEST name for a chav brew EVER! Does exactly what i says on the bottle. This place had a fair few nice fireplaces left. Garden...wonder if it always looked this unkempt? So pretty! <3 I've stayed in worse I suppose.... Reception To see the rest, go here: http://s142.photobucket.com/user/Dystopian_Wanderer/library/Walsall%20Dive%20Hotel%202013#/user/Dystopian_Wanderer/library/Walsall%20Dive%20Hotel%202013?sort=3&page=1&_suid=138755357288609372140471168741
  2. Lost Railway, Walsall 2011

    Important: This is a repost. As of posting this, the line is opened and live again. I don't know if this would fascinate anyone here but I've posted it just in case. Feel free to remove it. Only remembered these pictures today. This railway has lain still since the 1960s, a victim of the famous Beeching cuts. My dad was a keen trainspotter as a child and remembers the days of steam and also when this railway was very much alive. For me, this stretch of railway has a very different story as a place of intense curiosity but also of nightmarish thoughts. We would walk our dog here and sometimes on the railway itself. My dad used to always tell me never to go there, as there could be strangers who would abduct you. The local kids swore at night that they could hear the crazy people at night who were dangerous and on drugs. I had a whole cast in my head of what they looked like. The most enduring image for some reason was a man in a grey hoodie with long, reddish hair, stubble and a knife. I was convinced he lived out there on the wastes and was highly dangerous. However, a part of me wanted nothing more than to just run away onto the wastes because they were filled with beautiful wildlife and few people. I also remember an intriguing old factory that I used to be curious about but always told to stay away from. I thought that maybe the lunatics lived in there. I still just wanted to get through one of the breeze block walls with gaping windows that I vaguely remember and thought looked like a fun maze. I decided as an adult to go back to this place, as I'm no longer under constant surveillance due to having a vagina and also a slight disability. Yes, it is dangerous and there's the huge possibility that no one could hear you scream if there is indeed a crazed rapist/murderer out there. There was also a body dumped out there last year at some point. This area is a dangerous yet beautiful place. I decided that for my own curiosities and because I get reckless when I feel like crap that I had to return as an adult. Sadly, the factory was long gone. You are unable to walk far, as there are fences and some bits of the railway has become an impenetrable forest. They are also going to reopen this stretch apparently. Part of the surrounding wasteland already looks like they will do something with it. This thing has been chavved a long time ago. Still got signals here: Under the M6: That metal thing in the middle is lovely to sit on and have a can of pop whilst listening to the wind and the motorway. An echo sent into the gap tells me that had I the inclination, I could crawl into and along it. I never did because my ears aren't good enough to tell me if there are gaps in the ground and although it sounded long, it looked too narrow to contain anything worth the effort.. If someone can tell me what this thing is I'd be grateful. I see them all the time on my train trips. This is where you listen inside: Graffitti. Some lovely pieces around the motorway: Mechanical bits and bobs still on the rails: The track still has the wooden bits on: The railways head off into the forest and are swallowed by the trees: To see the rest, go here: http://s142.photobuc...y Walsall 2011/
  3. isited with Petzl, Indy and their adorable jack russell dog. I had to duck college to come here. I actually have a bit of personal history with this place. I attended mainstream school but they did a physio day for kids with similar physical issues to me and the hospital wanted me to go. I actually remember being in that pool and that it was very warm. I also remember being in the gym and us rolling a ball around on a bed sheet. LOL! Well it IS a special school and some people need this information. Fur baby! <3 To see the rest, go here: http://s142.photobucket.com/user/Dystopian_Wanderer/library/Duck%20College%20Walsall%202013?sort=3&page=1
  4. Yet another casualty of the economic downturn and another bit of the once great leather industry of Walsall. I know that this place produced a wide range of leather goods from bags to wallets and hip flasks. Visited with Sheepdisease. Money bag. Obviously never full enough to keep this place in business. Leather samples Haha! Spelling fail! Guinness Book of Records from 1965 Ye olde fire extinguisher I was so excited about the old sewing machine! It still had thread! To see the rest, visit: http://s142.photobucket.com/user/Dystopian_Wanderer/library/GH Stafford and Sons Strand Leatherworks 2011