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Found 1 result

  1. There are vampires in the park Mawgojzeta, but I only hear the sound of dancing bears..... Visited with Tbolt, whom thankfully pounded the winter streets with me to this long closed cemetery in Riga. Having previously visited Latvia back in October the slight problem we had found with Latvia was that a lot of places look derelict, then you spot a light on or the glow of a television - this is not say that Latvia is a dump, it just has a certain style that is very photogenic. We found ourselves in Riga during a break in its usual brutal winter weather and we wandered across the city to this old cemetery. Lielie Kapi or Central Cemetery was established in in 1773, the Soviet authorities removed many of the headstones and destroyed a great number of the graves. The cemetery finally officially closed in 1957 and this now park has a number of mausoleums that have fallen into disrepair. Whilst very photogenic you wouldn't want to hang around after dark. A number of the tombs are boarded up, as if to keep its occupants from escaping.... Others almost invite investigation, as if luring you in. There are vampires in the park Mawgojzeta, Tbolt and I found the tubes of stage blood. 8/10