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Found 2 results

  1. Taking our cue from our European and American exploring colleagues, we would request that you do not explicitly name the sites you have explored. Use your imagination for example "NW Papermill, Jan 2018", at the end of the day it doesn't really matter how you rename them as long as its suitably vague. If others want to know where a site is they can always message the poster of the report. Why? Well it's fairly obvious that exploring forums in general are a goldmine for information for those folk who like to remove as many valuable items as possible from relatively easy targets. We've all seen the piles of stripped cable, the ripped out piping, the pillaged roofs etc. Why make life easy for them? Also we've all seen sites turn into 'tourist trail' destinations, the more people that explore and name them, the more people go, and unfortunately not everyone is as careful and as passionate about these sites we all hold so dear. A prime example is Chapel Allerton Hospital in Leeds, it was a pretty good explore in 2008, but a year or so later it was smashed to pieces and full of poor graffiti and very disappointing to see, another more recent example is Pool Park Hospital in Wales, empty for years but destroyed within weeks of being posted. Again why make life easy for the casual browser? We all know by not naming the site we are not going to stop these places being targeted by idiots, that will happen whatever, and we know other forums will continue to name the sites.
  2. After this long term of upgrades and revamps, we shall be fully utilizing the forums emailing system, for important emails, such as outages and competition news and results. Please add [email protected] to your "safe email" list or you may miss out. Any problems or questions just directly message a member of the team, being - Blacksnake - Mod FraggleHunter - Admin PyroSyndicate - Admin