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    Top tip is this!
  3. Short Arse college

    Good stuff there.
  4. The Death of Whittingham Asylum

    I believe there is absolutely nothing in place. According to bing maps its just turning back to grass, another few years if they haven't done anything you'd probably never have guessed there was a massive hospital there. I always wished I could have spent more time looking around the place, it was trashed and an utter death trap in the later years but for me it always retained a certain charm. A real waste that they didn't retain any buildings in the end. https://binged.it/2DTFlY5
  5. Dr Roberts, I presume?

    Film sir!
  6. Dr Roberts, I presume?

    A small report, these are from a good few years back now i'm sure. Taken on an old Lubitel 166B using magnesium ribbon to illuminate the pictures. Low tech eh? The working of slate at Conglog began in 1854 with a two-year take-note to Robert Roberts, Surgeon and John Williams, quarryman, of Ffestiniog. It continued under a number of leases and sub-lettings, and under several different trading names, until 1909. The new Conglog Slate and Slab Co Ltd went into liquidation in 1891, and a new leaseholder from 1895 traded as the Glyn Ffestiniog Quarry. The complex includes four open pits leading to underground levels and chambers in the Back Vein and North Vein. The "shard" Illuminating the big slab This one is similar to above but illuminated down the passage with some fancy electronic torch. The slab and waste wagon And one more of the waste wagon As you can see lots of heroic posing is involved in mine exploring.