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  1. Wisdom

    i,ve done many tunnels live ones and dead ones the last live ones i did were willesley tunnel on the matlock line and kirton tunnel on the gainsborough line and did have some fantastic photos from inside kirton tunnel doing a live is no different to doing a dead one apart from theres no trains as i said this is not a recomended pursuit for amature explorers and the above advice should not be required if you put safety first and as you say TB be 167% sure of what you are doing im ex british rail so i have shared the infomation you are given should you be caught out in a tunnel and know what i am doing backwards. network rail would never grant tunnel access in the ordinary way if you should happen across the civil gang you could try for a permission to take a few pictures but it is unlikely to be granted. the other site we dont mention on here actually did totley tunnel in sheffield and the article was a very good read with fantastic interior pictures .
  2. Wisdom

    RAILWAY TUNNEL BASHING i do a lot of railway tunnel exploring preferably solo then i have only myself to be concerned with but do carry a mobile phone for emergencies and a torch apart from the engineers i believe im the only explorer to do crewe muckhole tunnel in the 80,s a diversionary tunnel under crewe station around a mile in length in pitch blackness with electric wires buzzing away above my head fortunatley i didnt encounter any trains. if doing a railway tunnel live or dead always take extra care in dead tunnels you dont have to worry about trains but be carefull that you dont trip over anything in the dark. in live ones the best day is usually sunday as there is not as much running but have a general idea of how far apart trains are and move from recess to recess inside the tunnel these are spaces cut into the tunnel wall and usually painted white for identification always walking facing trains in double track tunnels or on the opposite side away from the running line in single line tunnels always listening for the sound of aproaching trains so you can get in a recess out of the way. dont get caught out if you do dont panic lie face down in the 4ft thats the space between the wall and the rail and keep your arms and legs tight to your body once the train has passed get out as quick as you can in case you have been seen dark clothing is preferable bear in mind this may be seen as criminal tresspass as the law has changed and is a very dangerous and not a really recomended pursuit but if you are somewhat of a cavalier explorer like i am but puts safety first take your pictures quickly and carefully and always ensure you are not seen by anyone entering the tunnel. branch and secondary line tunnels are the safest and the possibly most photogenic.. tunnels on mainline high speed routes such as the ECML/MML/WCML or third rail should not be attempted due to the high speeds and frequencies that trains travel through them or the risk of electrocution but may be alright for portal pictures and interior shots from outside but do take extreme care.
  3. leon motor services finningley

    hi this ones been on my to do list since last year and im actually surprised to see its still there and not an estate full of those rabbit hutch houses leon motor services were formed in 1922 and ended in 2004 when it was sold to mass transit/brightbus which is another of my to do yards. leons main stage carriage route was the 191 doncaster to finningley services which they worked daily for 82 years serving RAF finningley which is now robin hood airport they also had 2 additional services serving the outlying villages of wroot and misson on doncasters market days of tuesday friday and saturday . the other core of leons work were school services and the coaching side of the business with day trips and holidays in the uk and abroad and also private hire work with a booking office in doncasters south bus station for many years towards the end leon also took up contract work as a long established operator on the 152 to skellow joint with yorkshire traction and a service to west bessacar as well as other local doncaster services & schools on contract to the local authorities . most of the leon fleet was withdrawn when mass took over quite possibly making its way to the scrapyard but hopefully some may have been saved the last time i visited... the sheds were shared with mass/ brightbus school buses today it is a very sad sight as the pictures show with the vandals smashing what they can even a bus stored in the garage and abandond rubbish all over the site and nature starting to reclaim part of the yard it marks the sad passing of one of doncasters last true independent bus operators . one of leons more older survivors daimler BRF 733E reverses into the turn around point with a market day service to wroot aquired by leon from turners of staffordshire as stated the main core route for leon was the service from finningley to doncaster ORR 263 L leaves doncaster south bus station with a service back to finningley. a leon line up at the yard of various daimlers and atlanteans note the advertisement for brockholes farm riding centre this is now the yorkshire wildlife park. t two of leons fitters pose for the camera in front of number 91 over the repair pit now boarded up and empty the end of an era after 82 years doncasters last independent bows out... the garage now in the hands of school bus operator mass transit north anston sheffield mass transit school buses and leon buses stand side by side outside on the garage forecourt. the scene today the main long shed building has gone and the offices on the right the repair sheds still stand for now but is now ererily quiet and abandonded even the diesel pumps have attracted the attention of the vandals a blast from the past leon optare metrorider M926 TYG stands at the warning tounge lane turning circle en route to west bessacar this turning circle is just a stones throw from brockholes farm riding centre which became the yorkshire wildlife park. the same vehicle derelict for many years stands in the undergrowth at the abandonded depot. a side view of 926 still in its leon livery at great risk to my legs and you should see the scratches here are 3 interior views of 926 2 in the passenger side and 1 of the drivers cab she still retains her passenger seats. 926,s rear panel after i had shifted all the crap leaning against it shows its sad legacy . 2 leon double deckers rest at the side of the garage. now a sad derelict mess awaiting sale and development or demolition the outside underwash ramp still exists. now filled with rubbish and barrels. round the back of the depot and finally vandals broke in to the bus shed and damaged a bus stored in the garage by the time i visited the shed had been re secured and this photo was taken through the gap in the shed door
  4. hi guys went into urbexing hibernation and the site disapeared over the winter glad i found you again im home...ps that 28 numpty sites still there