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  1. I made it over here! :D

    Thanks for sticking with us Dystopia. Like minded idiots will eventually make sense to the masses if there's enough of us... Glad you're aboard
  2. A Walk Around The Park

    But there's no hiding that quiff though squire!
  3. A Walk Around The Park

    Thanks Bacon Chops.... glad you enjoyed the report and explore. May invest in some of those porno LED's you had myself, good effect that.
  4. A Walk Around The Park

    Thanks matey
  5. A Walk Around The Park

    Glad you and the Porkster enjoyed the visit squire, and top FF Pics BTW. I know it must've confused y'all to see grass and tree thingies in a city so far from 'God's Country'. But seeing how you's had to set off the night before, and myself and the 'Quiff Wizard' (that's you Pyro) on site with 2 alarm snoozes left, we thought it'd make ya feel a'tome. T'was the fact we parked our trusty steeds in the faint glow of a sodium street light that gave the impression of 'RED' things appearing pink! But a quiff is still a quiff, and a mid-life crisis is (apparently) Blue! (T**T) As Tbolt has already mentioned, location and/or history bit 'Classified'. However, nowt wrong with a bit of local myth and mystery. Maybe I should have let the rest of our party know the following info beforehand, but (Nah). I grew up less than a mile away from this building, and rumors and urban legends spoke of eerie sightings of the ghosts of the mournful and forgotten souls of long since departed Victorian orphans, held captive by the oppressive evil of the building itself, and it's final residents... The Asylums Inmates. MUAH-HA-HA! Even today, local children (as we once did) cross the road rather than walk past... "Dare ya to run up the steps and bang on the door!".... Was the challenge. "Feck off, the NAUGHTY BOYS will get me!" 'BOLLOX' I hear you cry! The Snakes lost the plot!!! Well then, you knock on the door! Having to form an orderly Urbex queue to take a pic (Sigh) Then being the last to post pics (Me) aint easy.... Someones phone number? The Obligatory Organ Shot.... 'THE' Naughty Boys Corridor... With a naughty Mr. Pig doing summit.... Errrm. Naughty! An incorrect equation... So says Pyro Wizard! Agreed, that's not how you spell Bollox... The extremely confined spiral staircase that leads up to the rarely seen 'Tower'... Also, the scene of Mr Tbolt's intimate encounter with a very, errrm... Horny pigeon! With us three behind and no way of retreat, the throng of beating wings and the flurry of feathers followed! Sorry mate, take it on the chin! Master PyroSyndicate reflects on his first 'Grown-Up' explore... Awww Bless Thanks for your tolerance!

    Nicely done Mr Pig.
  7. Howdy

    Welcome into the light!
  8. W P Church, Liverpool - January 2016

    Oh yes I remember it well. Do you still keep in touch with that tree Fraggs? It was a rather "close" encounter
  9. L of a Shelter -Liverpool

    Nice one matey. Those people pics on the wall give the place a feel for the era
  10. Oh Hello....

    You found us... Bugger! Knew we needed a better hiding place!! I'm only serious.... Welcome brother
  11. Ooh Matron!

    Nice report squire. Well taken pics with some artsy "Turd Polishing" editing... Reckon fat lad trying to scramble over high wall is more entertaining than fat lad under fence!