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  1. Disclaimer!

    Most of us are tbh... It helps! If we just simply think on when planning and packing for a 'Mooch'. And bear in mind that some, but not all Plod will have encountered an urbexer before, but they've ALL collared shady characters suspected or guilty of the above, and that is how they'll approach a situation. Just be safe and mindful is all.... And good luck
  2. Carssss!

    Nice TT Miss JW, dare I say she has a Phat (with a PH) ass! My current trusty steed is a "RED" Seat Leon TDi... Due an upgrade to a Mid-Life Crisis in a few months... Provided it's pink-ish in colour with gold hot pants I'll be happy!!!
  3. Disclaimer!

    We, the Administrators and Moderators of 'Derelict-UK.com' wish to make it perfectly clear to ALL members and guests of this forum that WE DO NOT condone, promote, encourage nor tolerate criminal activity or behaviour of any kind, including the breaching of any 'Tort' or 'Bye-Laws' with regards trespass. IF IN DOUBT KEEP OUT! The following is intended as a guide only and is not necessarily representative of the law, nor any individual(s) opinion(s) on Derelict-UK.com. The information is provided with no guarantee of it's accuracy regarding the law. If in doubt then seek professional legal advice. CIVIL TRESPASS: Also known as "simple" trespass. The offense is committed when any unauthorized person(s) access by foot or vehicle any privately owned land and or property, whether above or below ground, including airspace, also any structures/buildings contained therein. Despite not being a criminal offense that warrants arrest in the UK, any individual(s) can be prosecuted for the said offense by the land/property owner through the civil courts. Please be aware that Police can, and will attend any report of suspected criminal activity automatically giving them (the police) the power under the the "Police and Criminal Evidence Act" (PACE) the right to search any individual and/or vehicle they suspect of having committed a crime. CRIMINAL TRESPASS: Any land/property still deemed as 'live' (in use). MOD sites current or otherwise. All Network Rail sites, scientifically sensitive sites such as nuclear power stations, Royal (HRH) Sites such as certain ports and docklands. All of which automatically fall into the criminal trespass category. Unfortunately a comprehensive list of these sites and their bye-laws is not available, so err on the side of common sense... Any signage warning of a penalty to trespasses in £'s is probably one of the above. DON'T BE A DICK: Even if guilty of Civil Trespass an individual(s) can be arrested for suspicion of a criminal offense if: You are stupid enough to carry anything that could be used or adapted to gain or force entry to land or property "Breaking and Entering/Burglary." So leave those screwdrivers and crowbars at home! You're daft enough to pop a souvenir in your backpack: "Theft." Any damage was caused during access or otherwise: "Criminal Damage." Walk in or walk away! The above information is intended as a rough guide only and not an accurate representation of the law, and as such is not admissible in a court of law (criminal or civil). Any and all members of Derelict-UK.com that post anything on the forum that is suspected by the administrators or moderators of directly or indirectly breaching the laws of the UK or other's will have their posts removed and their membership status revoked!
  4. Light Fantastic!

    Good show chaps and chapessesss... Love the B&W effects on your light trails Mr T.... Was talking about just that very thing with a mate t'other day, shall giving it a go... Nice jobbies from all
  5. Light Fantastic!

    Come on chaps and chapessesss.... Let's ave some of your dark o'clock shots. Personally, I love the challenge of night time photography as it goes against ALL the rules. From the very dawn of image capture, right up until at least half an hour ago, photography relied upon the levels of 'light' filtered via witchcraft and black magic onto a recording widget (film or digital) to create an image. So, what options do we have when no natural light exists? Well, fortunately some smart ass invented electricity, spawning an array of artificial lighting effects n stuff. All's 'WE' have to do is dial in the right settings and reap the rewards. But Oh no... It aint that easy, in fact it's a time consuming, frustrating pain in the ass! But it's (occasionally) worth the effort, so here's one or two of my efforts.... Temporary "PIKEY" (YES... PIKEY Mr Tbolt) Funfairs use light to draw 'us' in, and 'our' cash out... Here's how to get FREE rides for life... The 'MACH-5' at Liverpool's Pier Head... After a good half hour of long exposures and ISO tweaking I noticed the curious look on the face of this rides owner, a Mr P. Ikey! I blue-toothed him above images... FREE RIDES FOR LIFE! YAY
  6. And I'm back

    Back like a renegade master Eh Slim!
  7. Hello again

    Glad you're back on board Mr WD
  8. I made it over here! :D

    Thanks for sticking with us Dystopia. Like minded idiots will eventually make sense to the masses if there's enough of us... Glad you're aboard
  9. A Walk Around The Park

    But there's no hiding that quiff though squire!
  10. A Walk Around The Park

    Thanks Bacon Chops.... glad you enjoyed the report and explore. May invest in some of those porno LED's you had myself, good effect that.
  11. A Walk Around The Park

    Thanks matey
  12. A Walk Around The Park

    Glad you and the Porkster enjoyed the visit squire, and top FF Pics BTW. I know it must've confused y'all to see grass and tree thingies in a city so far from 'God's Country'. But seeing how you's had to set off the night before, and myself and the 'Quiff Wizard' (that's you Pyro) on site with 2 alarm snoozes left, we thought it'd make ya feel a'tome. T'was the fact we parked our trusty steeds in the faint glow of a sodium street light that gave the impression of 'RED' things appearing pink! But a quiff is still a quiff, and a mid-life crisis is (apparently) Blue! (T**T) As Tbolt has already mentioned, location and/or history bit 'Classified'. However, nowt wrong with a bit of local myth and mystery. Maybe I should have let the rest of our party know the following info beforehand, but (Nah). I grew up less than a mile away from this building, and rumors and urban legends spoke of eerie sightings of the ghosts of the mournful and forgotten souls of long since departed Victorian orphans, held captive by the oppressive evil of the building itself, and it's final residents... The Asylums Inmates. MUAH-HA-HA! Even today, local children (as we once did) cross the road rather than walk past... "Dare ya to run up the steps and bang on the door!".... Was the challenge. "Feck off, the NAUGHTY BOYS will get me!" 'BOLLOX' I hear you cry! The Snakes lost the plot!!! Well then, you knock on the door! Having to form an orderly Urbex queue to take a pic (Sigh) Then being the last to post pics (Me) aint easy.... Someones phone number? The Obligatory Organ Shot.... 'THE' Naughty Boys Corridor... With a naughty Mr. Pig doing summit.... Errrm. Naughty! An incorrect equation... So says Pyro Wizard! Agreed, that's not how you spell Bollox... The extremely confined spiral staircase that leads up to the rarely seen 'Tower'... Also, the scene of Mr Tbolt's intimate encounter with a very, errrm... Horny pigeon! With us three behind and no way of retreat, the throng of beating wings and the flurry of feathers followed! Sorry mate, take it on the chin! Master PyroSyndicate reflects on his first 'Grown-Up' explore... Awww Bless Thanks for your tolerance!

    Nicely done Mr Pig.
  14. Howdy

    Welcome into the light!
  15. W P Church, Liverpool - January 2016

    Oh yes I remember it well. Do you still keep in touch with that tree Fraggs? It was a rather "close" encounter