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  1. This was an odd one for us- the place is not difficult to find on the net and the pics looked fab, but how much fun could we get out of somewhere that even the Daily Mail has produced an article about? lots actually This is on the edge of a small and comfortable town. Boult as part of the Nazi schools programme, it was later adopted by the DDR and used for education - ostensibly for overseas students from fellow traveller nationsgetting a slab of ostmark funded education. It seems that many were from sub saharan africa, from states with economic links to the cod communist E Blok of post war europe. Other rumours suggest some of it was used as a Stasi eduction residntial outpostAfter reunification, it seems to have been a sometime sporting college. Its now fully abandoned . This place is massive.
  2. Ex DDR site location needed

    Vogelsang has the dreaded EU development signs now- heavy machinery is on site
  3. Jutebog base, Brandenburg , Germany

    Where is got interesting was in the workshops area- huge swathes of garages and storage areas. still smelling of oil and garagy things. at first they seemed inaccessable, but with a bit of prying, pretty much all of it was open without any B&E needed. Russian script notices still lingers on some walls and offices. a cache of trabants made my day
  4. Now then this isn an interesting location. located on the outskirts of Jutebog, next to the Alter lager complex. Altes lager has been extensively mashed and is now the home of several wind turbine machines. Jutebog base itself is an odd mashup of nazi and subsequent red army development. possibly the easiest place i have ever accesed- the gap in the 1m fence proved rather easy to surmount. nature has enthusiastically taken over, but the site is pretty large and has some delightful buildings, albeit extensivelly stripped and tagged by local youth. many buildings are sealed and TBH, once access was gained, there wasnt much to see inside the site is still partially in use- the football field is maintained for the local football team and a clubhouse is still used regularly. graf found daubed on an attic wall reads " Dagestan Alik, Arsen, Maga, Asadula dmb (demobilised) May 79" Those boys were likely grateful they never went to Afghanistan- the joy of DMB is palpable
  5. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    its a one owner 20 year old badly scratched ford with 38K on the clock- did a 12 hour death defying slog from slovenia to calais along the bahns at 90mph+ easily and didnt use a drop of oil . fully equipped with a couple of spare wheels in the boot and all the correct euro travel gubbins - triangle/ sparebulbs/ fire extinguisher/ hi viz etc to keep the popo at bay should you get pulled over. it is my expedition car- i changed the cambelt and a CV joint just in case - a/c works - its practical even down to the removal of the locking wheel nuts and replacement with normal nuts to avoid puncture hassle at night. My only limiting issue is the need for a set of winter tyres for northern europe - mandatory between Autumn and spring in most places. £500 is vitually walk awayable level - which is useful, as Euro breakdown insurance isnt an option for something this old. travel light and be preparted to push it into a ditch, remove the plates and hitch to the nearest city to catch a train.and as its looks like shit, there is pretty much zero chance of it being stolen. i even sourced new back tyres @30 apiece- this means is does Frank Cannon style screeching on hardd bends in bosnia but i can live with that i really should do a blog about it TBH
  6. Chernobyl zone then and now.

    i missed the majority of those scupltures and mosacs....beautiful
  7. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    not yet- i may do so. you can borrow me £500 wheels if you want!
  8. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    A noise of a diesel engine outside disturbs the chattering of the birds. a man in a uniform dismounts from a ford ranger with a cab.. its the popo. lets pretend were are silly tourists and walk back into the sunshine. He smiles and says hello, two other people decant from the truck, one holding an ariel and wearing headphones- what is this devilry? they consult and then wander off into the garden. Its not the popo, its a park ranger and a couple of academics recording bird song in the ruins. we decide to make good our escape in the £500 car and let them record their avarian songs in peace,
  9. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    Creeping into the darker spaces reveals a systemaric network of tunnels and spaces behind walls- bricks have been removed to allow the scavengers acess to these musty spaces, holes knocked though into the spaces behind the walls. Were these spaces purely a construction feature to provide power and heating pipework or were they used to monitor the conversations that went on outside the confines of the formal communal spaces.The marble stairs are cracked and damaged but mostly intact- too heavy for the looters maybe.the breeze block interior exposed,revealing the stone facade to be just that- an embellishment. someone has stolen the name place of the villa, only a discoliuration shows it was ever there empty cases of 80's vintage Tuborg beer bottles lie in the service areas, where all catering facilities have been inexpertley removed. entire window units lie neatly stacked, as it waiting for onward movement in the back of a Yugo Zastava. Most extant windows have been smashed, the crunch of glass an ever present as i walk around the endless corridors and accomodation.It is genuinely massive. The garden is overgrown but the terraces and visible- trees have grown back to obscure of the view of one of Croatias' top tourist sites , far far below the sheer drop of the final terrace.
  10. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    Armed with a google earth printout as a map, we begin the the long uphill drive from the highway along a curiously decent tarmaced road, fallen trees partially blocked parts of it but a way was found around without the need for full off roading. The whole are is a sub tropical rain forest kinda vibe- Bears and wolves are not uncommon here- the local sheep farmers are never seen without their lumpy bear dogs loping along behind them. The Villa emerged, high above the lakes and waterfalls - Tito chose his out of town cribs locations well.As an ethnic Croat in charge of a construct of a nation, beset by conflict, he knew the territory and had residences throughout the land, spending time in each one to establish his majesty This place is bigger than it looks from the pics,its local stone construction forming a semi circle around a terraced garden, hidden away from prying eyes. The road has several abandoned biuldings along its route, ostensibly farmouses, but a closer looks showed they were sturdily built defensive structures, covering the access routes.This building is a Yugo homage to the Balkans neolithic past, both in construction and shape - more of a henge than a dictators palace- the crude stone exterior invites a tactile hand to be brushed aginst it The rotting remenants of a red carpet welcome into the building through a pair of 4 inch thick dark wood doors, beneath a heavy wooden portice. This place has been extensively looted for scrap but much remains. the oak parquet flooring is either stable or lifting, depending upon the state of the roof above. A sweeping marble starcase drags you up to the first floor, with its grand reception and fuction rooms, sitting beneath a 40 foot high ceiling. This place had possibly a hundred or so rooms, some dangerously unenterable where the roof has collapsed- the protective copper sheathing long pilfered. Random non cyrillic graf appears of some walls. another flight of stairs brinsg you to a maze of self contained apartments, each with its own facilities, stairways and securely locking doors. Keeping guests apart to avoid late night plotting is a long established ply for the president for life community. The guest rooms resemble a 1970's sauna, all stained tongue and groove walls. dregs of thick knotted wool carpet ruck up in the corners. Every bathroon has had its bath and fixings smashed and taken. All rooms look out onto the partially enclosed terrace garden area.