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  1. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    I only have an Android LG K8 from Tesco and taking pictures is a drag, it takes so long to get itself sorted out the pics are usually not the best and usually shoogly too.. To be honest I find the same with my digital camera (Panasonic TZ8), it is so slow in getting itself together that instant action photos are just about impossible, ok if you have time to plan them and subject is still but otherwise really annoying. The old 35mm cameras were good for a quick point and shoot, I am even considering going back to one for a change despite the hassle of sending off the film and of course the cost etc!
  2. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Really nice close up, on an iphone...amazing.
  3. Sgarada Familia, Barcelona.

    Thanks for that, haven't been on the site for a couple of weeks as we have been off on hols. Back in one piece despite rough weather in the Med. from Malaga to Elba....kept the food down though.....just. Not much sun either as it really p***ed down on few of the port stops, cleared up towards the end of course and I believe it has been hot in England shire too...aaahh well, better luck next time I suppose! KM
  4. The Baron, april 2018

    Another set of cracking pictures Mr. W Sir. That old Kodak box camera of yours certainly does the business.....! KM
  5. The Asylum april 2018

    Thanks Mr Wavey Sir. Rather like the Tentacles at first hearing, like spaced out elevator music with a bit of body to it....! Cheers KM
  6. The Asylum april 2018

    Great video Mr Wavey Sir, but it makes me travel sick with all the movement..... Not your fault, it is just me........... The place is well and truly knackered for sure, wonder what will be the final outcome for it? Love the music, what is it? KM
  7. RUN! She is coming! April 2018

    Cracking pics Mr Wavey Sir, a sad end to an equally sad place, in my mind it would be better if it was demolished and a fresh start made to the site. Cheers KM
  8. Some old Pics of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona taken in October 2000. Good grief, it looks like it is melting.....WTF? Looks a bit like a Christmas tree gone wrong too. Spiral stair well. There are lots.... Is that a Nu following me...? Is that a Nun following me...? No, it is the present Mrs KM.........(before she went blond!) I wish I had her head of hair..... A load of religious balls...?? ? Footer anyone...? Wish I had the scaffolding contract... Still working away at the interior then....? It is probably finished there by now. Work of a very fevered imagination I would say, but still fascinating and rather catching really. Looking over downtown Barcelona. Quite a long way down (or up down depending which way you are travelling!) and this was barely half way.... Glass Mosaics everywhere..... Amazing..... A difficult place to describe even though I have seen it "in the flesh" so to speak. An amazing and wonderful mixture of styles over the years due to different architects being involved as the poor devil Gaudi that started it was run over by a tram in June 1926 and lost consciousness. Presumed to be a beggar because of his lack of identity documents and shabby clothing, the unconscious Gaudí did not receive immediate aid. Eventually some passers-by transported him in a taxi to the Santa Creu Hospital, where he received rudimentary care. By the time that the chaplain of the Sagrada Família, Mosén Gil Parés, recognised him on the following day, Gaudí's condition had deteriorated too severely to benefit from additional treatment. He died on 10 June 1926 at the age of 73 and was buried two days later. A large crowd gathered to bid farewell to him in the chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the crypt of the Sagrada Família. His gravestone bears this inscription: Such is life or in Gaudi's case - death, poor old sod. if you ever get the chance go and have a visit, it will take all day and you still won't see it all, the lift is bit like a small cupboard and not for the claustrophobic, beats the hell out of trudging up those spiral steps though! It will have changed a lot in the 18 years or so that I took these pictures, sorry about the quality but it was taken with a Cannon Sure Shot Telemax point and shoot 35mm camera and transferred to disc by Boots who processed the film, changed days indeed. I still have that camera with a film in it but god knows what is on it, I must try and find somewhere to get it processed and see what is lurking in there! Hope you enjoy my old pictures anyway. KM P.S. If you do get to Barcelona watch out for the pickpockets, they are everywhere.....a man we met in our hotel had his trousers set on fire on an escalator from the Subway as a distraction technique by those desirist to rob him, fortunately they failed as he lashed out at them and his trousers didn't light!. We were stopped at the top of a similar escalator by someone dropping a pair of specs in front of him and blocking the escalator with his arms while his accomplice behind tried to pickpocket me the a***ole! I kicked the guy in front of me up the shafts as he was in a very vulnerable position and got past, they both ran (one hobbled painfully) away on the down escalator, so beware, only carry the money you might need for the day, no credit cards or the like as they will have a good chance of getting stolen. P.S. P.S Keep away from trams too lest you land up like poor Gaudi...........................
  9. Queen Califia's Magical Circle

    Good grief, the stuff of nightmares......he must have been on some good S**t (whatever than means..... ). Gaudi too, that Sagradi Familia is something else, I liked it a LOT and I was sober too briefly ! I have pictures somewhere in my files, I must have a rummage, it was pre-digital days when we were there but I had then put onto disc when processed. Nice pics though, you can just feel the heat and the see sunshine and blue sky......wonderful. KM
  10. Battery Mendell

    Cracking pictures Madamoiselle Muffin despite the rain and dark clouds. I don't know if they get a lot of that there but my sister and family stayed in Pleasanton some years back and we went out to visit for a couple of weeks in July, the weather was great apart from one of the days that we took the BART into SF and it was foggy as hell, I was really pissed off as that is what we often get at home in the Summer when the wind is coming off the sea from the East! Loved the usual sunny and warm climate there though, did all the tourist stuff even up the Coit tower too, loved it. KM
  11. Keil Chapel and burial ground.

    Glad to hear that! KM
  12. School Of Derp

    Indeed you made it so Sir T. I liked the atmospheric natural lighting you captured - excellent.
  13. School Of Derp

    Great pics Mr T Sir, I really like the close ups with the depth of field giving them full advantage. KM

    Ace pics Sir PP, those places are getting thin on the ground now what with general decrepitude and of course housing/industrial estate development. I suppose it is coming up for about 80 years ago that they were built (jeez.........that is even older than me!) and thrown up quickly and cheaply too, must have been good stuff.................

    Nice pics Mr PP considering it must have been really dark in there too, the closing down party must have been a belter !!