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  1. This is one of those places that kinda slipped under the radar and after a spotting a recent report elsewhere i thought it was high time it was back on it. Unfortunately only half of this old woollen mill still stands (thanks, apparently to some bats). Still, there was enough left for a nice little afternoon mooch with the missus. Built in 1888 it remained in operation until 1982. The chimney was demolished for safety reasons and the engine shed dismantled to enable the engine to be removed. The engine was built earlier (in 1870) and was fitted in another mill. How it came to be in this mill is a mystery but it seems it was also modified to incorperate some of the most recent innovations of the day which made the engine far more efficient and powerful. It is now in the Bolton steam museum (working i think). Something that im still trying to confirm is the presence of a water turbine. Inside one of the ground floor rooms is a rather large pipe which enters the room and ends. It appears to come from the inlet in the end wall from the mill pond. In the floor is a second equally large pipe which disappears through the floor. you can here running water at the bottom. Obviously a large bit of kit has been removed from between these pipes which i think would have been a water turbine (probably to produce electricity). An electric meter was on the wall in the same room. I spotted a few heavy duty ceramic insulators dotted around suggesting the presence of high voltage cables. Im guessing the steam engine was to power the mills machines whilst the turbine supplied lighting? However, with the water coming from a millpond that requires constant monitoring of water levels its hard to see how they could have kept it running constantly. I would love to know if anyone could confirm the presence of a turbine, i dont see what else they would need the mill pond for but with an inlet pipe that must be 18 inches across it wasnt for washing ya hands and flushing the loos.. Nice little mooch this, the only downside was the sheer amount of flying things that just kinda engulfed the area. Oh and the bats have gone,..... probably Hopefully my editing is improving but its still a feckin pain in the arse Thanks fer lookin
  2. Hello

    Hi and welcome, theres an old cinema in my home town but its pretty well sealed. Bin empty for years and had an eye on it but last people to get in were nabbed by the rozzers
  3. Newbie

    hello and welcome, Seems like everyone on here is from the North West, lol
  4. Wisdom

    Oh yeah, Dont park ya car on site and get it locked in so that you have to go find security to get him to let you out... Which i never did.........again
  5. Something i've always found frustrating on a sploor is where to leave the car. Very rarely can you drive straight to the doorstep of a site, neither is it necessarily a good idea too. (Unless your car has false number plates). More often than not our goal lies at the end of some muddy dirt track or remote footpath, often where there just isnt anywhere to park, parking somewhere quiet and inconspicuous is good. But some of the "rougher" places leaving a car out of sight is a good way of getting it robbed. Parking at the local village may seem a good idea but some of these have a tiny population of what appear to be slightly simple folk that are all related to each other and know at an instant when theres an "outsiders" car parked at the local pub. With some of the bigger sites with a lot of footfall it must be fairly obvious to the locals where these visitors with cameras are heading. Which wouldnt really matter if people werent so feckin nosey with nowt to do besides write down car reg. nos. and report people. So.... Whats everyone else's thoughts on parking at locations....Maybe you walk, or use public transport (OK if ya young and healthy enough, Not so for someone rapidly nearing his fiftieth birthday with dodgy blood pressure). In conclusion maybe getting ya mate to drive would be the safest solution
  6. Wisdom

    dont leave ya torch in the car like i've done nearly every single time. And dont leave ya memory card 120miles away still in ya laptop which i've also done
  7. this isn't urbexing this is vandalism!

    What a bunch of fucktards!

    Am liking this. Excellent stuff sir
  9. The Baron, april 2018

    Did you find the ice house?
  10. The Baron, april 2018

    I started to cross the second gap but after seeing how rotten the wood wad and knowing it's been sat there for a good while I wasn't sure if it would snap.
  11. Oaks Hurt, april 2018

    To compliment my photo report. This video gives a much better impression of how derelict this building is
  12. Oaks Hurt, april 2018

    To compliment my photo report. This video gives a much better impression of how derelict this building is
  13. The colliery, april 2018

    This video compliments the photo report, "Soggy Dirt Colliery"
  14. The Baron, april 2018

    this video accompanies my photo report "The Baron" ,which is where you'll find the history
  15. found you again formally silver service

    hi, and welcome back