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  1. Letters please.

    excellent my dear, love this. Excellent find
  2. Can you get Red Hot Dutch on these ? April 2015

    yes and no, farmers field in the middle of nowhere, well 3 mins walk off the road.
  3. Tax Returns!!!

    oh my, rather charming
  4. Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

    Who knows, this is eastern Europe Sir, a place of mystery.
  5. School Of Derp

    I rather liked this place, Google was indeed our friend, as was the pensioner Doris and her blog.
  6. Parisi Udvar, Budapest

    In the middle of the main shopping area of Budapest sits a grand old building containing Parisi Udvar, empty with the exception of a small office and a security guard's makeshift office. On our Budapest jolly the Tin Dog and I decided to take a quick look at this empty Art Deco building dating back to 1913. The arcade of Parisi Udvar (or Parisian Court) sits empty in the Brudern Haz building awaiting salvation, one of the entrances is left open weekdays 8am until 6pm for you wander in and a few people do simply that - so we did as you can and for once nobody minds, which is well as the security guards in Hungary are well known for stealth and prowess. Looks familiar ? Parisi Udvar was used as a location for the film Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - no big thing to be honest as if you do get to visit Budapest you will very quickly find that the city is one big film set, with all manner of low to big big budget TV and film productions going on. 8/10
  7. Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

    "Here we go, The Michael Jackson Memorial Tree". Tin Dog's stunned silence painted a picture in my mind of an internal conveyor belt of words coming crashing to a halt. For the first time in our trip he was silenced, just for a moment. It would seem that when Mr Michael Jackson visited Budapest he would stay at the Kempinski Hotel, it has a tree outside and when he died fans set up a memorial to the late star. "Right" muttered Tin Dog. Posters, candles, flowers and a flash mob every year on Jackson's birthday - a note for your diary 29th August Pop Pickers ! On our travels around the city over the next few days we passed the memorial tree on a number of occasions spotting a lady sat weeping at the foot of the tree, one tending to the flowers and one lighting candles in memorial late at night. "You wouldn't get that for Rolf or Jimmy you know" piped up Tin Dog. We liked Hungary.
  8. Go ahead mouse..... make my day

    Really ? we all going to share cat pics now ?

    now, this is excellent, possibly my favorite explore of all time. Top dog Mr Pig.
  10. Zombie Manor - June 2015

    Welcome to Zombie Manor, you will want to leave. Built in 1759, a Grade II listed county house built in a Georgian style formally used as a country residence, a residential home for the handicapped and an illegal cannabis farm of late. Oh, nearly forgot to mention to mention it was used as a zombie holdout after Chester and Warrington finally fell to the zombie horde of 2010. Now sitting rapidly rotting away, Daresbury Hall is sadly clinging on for dear life and reflects everything that is wrong with the preservation of buildings in Britain. The main house is death on a stick with floors waiting to drop and holes aplenty. So lets have a mooch. We headed for the main house, via the pool Inside the house, it was hot (on a cool day) and smelly, with ceilings down and rotten floors, death on a stick in most parts. The Cellar was weird with a drying room with, well white stuff... And out to the outbuildings Visited with Zer081, following a failed earlier visit with both Judderman and Zer081 earlier on in the year which whilst Zombie free had loons with splat guns. A tad disappointing, I'd give it 5/10 including an extra 2 points for the pool.
  11. Pilgrimage of the Village People.

    nearly the season for posh pop.

    I drive past this place every day, good to see the internals Mr Pig, better than I thought it would be, just.
  13. Hello

    I do like a good cinema myself, its a waiting game sadly.
  14. I'm not an early morning person and this was a very early morning meeting with Lavino, Tbolt and Blacksnake - very early cannot be stated enough. To recap, I have never had much luck at this old seminary and our guide Lavino was a godsend, despite my serious misgivings the visit was uneventful in all the right ways. This former Roman Catholic seminary opened in 1883 and is now a vast empty Grade II Listed building rapidly falling into major disrepair following its closure final closure in 1991. So here are my snaps including homage to all the shite HDR shots I have longingly stared at for years as I itched to have a potter around this place. A rather excellent mooch, sadly "time short" 7/10 A big thanks to Lavino.
  15. Crowning Glory Hole - May 2016

    A very early start brought myself, Tbolt and the hobbit like creature know as only Zer081 out for this meet up on a rather rare and warm sunny spring morning. Eccles, a small town which sits of the edge of the cities of Salford and Manchester and is a shadow of its former self, sadly. The Crown Theatre opened in 1899 as The Lyceum, a luxury venue for Shakespeare productions, converted in 1932 into a cinema and further converted in 1963 into a Bingo hall. Since closure in the 1980s this Grade II listed building has fallen into major disrepair, partially demolished with a gaping hole in the rear of the property and little or no roof. This building is hanging on for dear life, with rough sleepers on the upper tiers sheltering under the remaining last parts of the roof structure. Sadly with the owners pushing for demolition, the future looks grim for this once grand building. I rather liked this place for some reason, but I'm a sucker for old cinemas and theatres and thus biased with 5/10 - although I'm sure Tbolt and Zer081 would give it a 2/10 or possibly a 1.