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  1. Peoples Pics

  2. Peoples Pics

  3. Things that fly :D

    excuse me ??? I'm not bloody Henry VIII
  4. Things that fly :D

    I'm rather missing it now, please put it back - I like an elephant in the room
  5. I rather like this place
  6. Doll Garden of Sabile, Latvia

    most likely dangerous to fools like yourself with no appreciation of pure art or culture
  7. Mmmmm Mill - 2015

    Team Weasel needed something of quality and for this we ventured to Derbyshire for some classic mill porn in a disused dyeing and bleach works. A mill so good, they named the village after it. Anyway myself, ZerO81 and the one referred to in Scotland as The Judderman The Clarty Wee Beastie decided to have a poke round this lovely place and finally test out my first aid kit with a bit of "man down, man down !" before the demolition squad move in this coming September. First things first, we presumed the respirator was optional and so wandered in with our eyes open for prowling gas mask goons and HDR monkeys - thankfully none to be found, although a local gentleman whom loitered began ponder why three grown men of mature years would wish to potter in such a place. Six areas are available for explorers - these range from ooh nice, boringly empty, yum, excellent, tank porn heaven and ending with boring pigeon poo derpington - so lets have a butchers on what Judderman is calling his favorite explore of the year, thus far (he skipped the boring pigeon poo derpington bit to be honest). So on with the mooch..... All in all a rather wonderful explore, so I'm giving the place a 9/10, a gem of a place which will be lost forever come September. All photos of scantily clad women are as found on the premises and represent the changing views of acceptable working practices within the UK workplace and should be viewed as such, now being historical documents and not viewed as "lovely plumage squire!".
  8. E Cinema - Burnley - 2015

    This fine week we decided to mix the team up a bit and our task was to seek out an ancient hidden manuscript which detailed the secrets of dating hot women. Team Armadillo consisted of myself, the young whippet Underdog, Zer081 and the near nocturnal one only known as Tbolt. This Grade II listed theatre opened 29th October 1894, was converted to a cinema in 1938, with the march of VHS forcing a change of use to Bingo in 1982. Then the last shouts of the Bingo Caller occurred in 1995 and the building has sadly been slowing rotting away over the last twenty years. Entering the building was a damp affair with water underfoot in the lower regions of the building, entering the main auditorium was a lot dryer but contained the hidden perils of rotting floors and some lovely challenging low light - at first glance the place would possibly be a quick and disappointing quest. As the sunsets on Empire, welcome to the cheap seats - sadly no one wore a dress. Our exhaustive search for the hidden manuscript began in earnest. Cheers could be heard from all members of the team as we located the safe - as contained within was the long lost manuscript, with a rendition of Bravo Bravissimo and High Fives all round we digested the words of wisdom and carefully returned the legendary document back to the safety of said safe. Time for an exit, we will ignore Tbolt and his novel way of testing floorboard safety (the hard way). I would give this place a 9/10 - loads of pics I've not included, but it is bloody dodgy in places and seriously clinging on dear life, sadly sunsets on Empire.
  9. GT Pub, Bolton - 2015

    And so the door was ajar..... This first photo I took in 2010, I don't know why, I didn't mooch back then. Simply a pub sign on yet another closed pub in Bolton, Lancashire. The Gypsy’s Tent (or Gipsy’s Tent as it was spelt up until the nineties) was built in the 19th century. Although the pub’s address is on Deansgate it was severed from the rest of the street when Marsden Road bridge was built in 1877. During the latter half of that century a band of traveling dentists would extract teeth at the rear of the building. As seems to have been common in Victorian dentistry a brass band was often present and would play tunes in order to drown out the patient’s screams. The pub came into the hands of local brewers William Tong in the early part of the 20th century before being taken over by Walkers of Warrington in 1923. Walkers merged with Tetley’s in 1961 to form Tetley Walker but in August 1981 it was decided to put the Gipsy’s Tent (as it was then) up for sale. History taken from the most excellent http://lostpubsofbolton.blogspot.co.uk/ - this is a gold mine of information on lost bars and pubs. Gypsy's Tent closed in 2007 and now sits slowly rotting in darkness and oh it is dark. I had an uneasy feeling whilst pottering about the place, so I hurried about the place taking my snaps. It was pitch black on the lower bar area. Remembering the words of Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters "You're right, no human being would stack books like this " I heard coughing upstairs and feet on the stairs. After all, if I could simply wander in so could anyone, it was time to leave.
  10. Things that fly :D

    that thing with the big ears is funny looking bird, looks like my ex wife
  11. A FOXY LADY.

    Tbolt don't like pesky foxes, he can smell them from 70 yards
  12. Doll Garden of Sabile, Latvia

    This one is not urbex, just file under weird shit you spot from a car. Visited with Darmon Richter, Tin Dog and Tbolt - we had driven through Sabile on our drive down through Latvia into Lithuania and did a bit of a head turn. On our drive back to Riga later in the week Darmon was rather keen on visiting what I had called Gnomeville. If you happen upon driving through Sabile, you cannot miss these as they sit on the edge of the road and you will be greeted by the lady creator of this somewhat spooky collection. We smiled politely, made our excuses and went on our way....
  13. Soviet Aircraft Graveyard, Riga, Latvia

    If your ever kicking your feet at Riga Airport take the 5 minute walk to Riga Aviation Museum. I personally wouldn't really call it a museum, more of a hording of Soviet era helicopters and aircraft cluttering a strip of land at the side of the airport car park behind a rather bland fence. Hit the (the rather loud) buzzer on the gate and someone will let you in, pay the chap the 7 Euros and have a wander round this cluttered collection of wonderful Soviet Cold War relics of yesteryear. At times it feels a bit like a junk yard, but this is part of its appeal, with guys banging away on bits of machinery. Its looks at first glance uncurated and has little pieces of string hang round some of the exhibits, as a barrier. I suspect that if the late Fred Dibnah ran a museum, it might be a little like this place. Now top tip for Latvia, show an interest and ask - you may get and often do, such as a look inside this troop carrier. But for me this is the star of the show Not urbex, but very well worth a visit.
  14. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania - October 2015

    I'm not sure where I first read about the Hill of Crosses, but I suspect it was some click bait or article on the world's scariest places, my young daughter even told me it was number 7 in the world top ten of spookiest places (she loves this spooky shit). Tucked away in the Lithuanian countryside is a growing collection of crosses, crucifixes, carvings, rosaries and effigies. Current estimates put the number of crosses at in excess of 140,000 and the number of crosses grows day by day. It is believed the first crosses appeared after the 1831 uprising against the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union authorities bulldozed the site at least 3 times between 1944 and 1990. We visited late evening as the sun fell and again early morning the following day. We, being Tbolt, Tin Dog, Darmon Richter and myself, sadly didn't find it spooky, at all, despite what you may read elsewhere. So to recap boys and girls, not spooky, not scary, not even urbex, just bloody good and a very peaceful place to visit. A rare 10/10 from me - file under Excellent.
  15. Halloween and according to my daughter, this chapel is in the official top ten of the most spookiest places on the planet. Hmmmm. All I would say is make the effort, jump in a car and drive around the wonderful country that is the Czech Republic, however make sure you arrive early morning at Sedlec Ossuary to avoid the tourist buses as it is not the biggest of places. This Roman Catholic chapel dates back to around the 15th century and contains the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people. In 1870, Frantisek Rint, a woodcarver by trade, was employed by the Schwarzenberg family to put the heaps of bones into order and his work remains to this day. As current work to repair the chapel continues yet more skeletal remains are slowly being discovered and are being fully documented. All in all excellent, but sadly my daughter's list of spookiest places disappoints on spookiness yet again, although I wouldn't fancy being locked in over night. 9/10