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    Great write up and pics Sir, many thanks for sharing WB.
  2. Viva Las Vegas - March 2016

    First class Sir many thanks for sharing WB.
  3. Crowning Glory Hole - May 2016

    Great pics there Sir.
  4. Carrot Crunch House - Feb 2016

    Cracking report, and first class job with the pics. many thanks for sharing WB.
  5. D-ream Cottage - Sept 2015

    Great shots there Sir. many thanks for sharing. WB
  6. Oakhurst House, Ambergate Derby 2011

    Quality pics many thanks for sharing, WB.
  7. Keil Chapel and burial ground.

    We had a bit of everything that week, but was an amazing holiday.
  8. Keil Chapel and burial ground.

    Thank you Sir. We had an amazing time thank you, the landscape is breath taking I hope to return in the Autumn.
  9. Keil Chapel and burial ground.

    Many thanks for your comment its very much appreciated, I am keeping well Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone hope you are all keeping well? It has been quite sometime since I posted anything anyway Mrs WB and Me went to the West Highlands of Scotland during half term, we stayed on a working farm in a Bothy it was an amazing week. On the farm was a Chapel and Burial ground, pics are not great as the light was poor, but have picked six of a bad bunch. have also included a few shots of the local landscape, hope you enjoy the pics. A little bit of history. The Chapel is dedicated to St Columba and it is just possible that he visited the area on his travels in the last quarter of the sixth century. The first record of a church here is in 1354 but what one sees today is later, probably late medieval much restored. The earliest date found on a gravestone is 1686 but most of the stones are late eighteenth or nineteenth century. The latest date is 1925. The burial ground closed in 1950. Many thanks for looking in.
  11. Clogs

    What a fantastic place loved the machinery, first class write up and pics. Were the ladies in the magazine wearing clogs? Many thanks for sharing WB.
  12. Hmp Shrewsbury (permission tour type thing)

    Quality pics there Sir.
  13. Street Art London

    Awesome, many thanks for sharing WB.
  14. Hey fetlers

    Welcome back.

    Great photography Sir.