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  1. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    Fooked yer say???...I've seen worse,Denbigh for example..... Wouldn't mind a visit here actually as its been a while since I've done anything,could even drag Blacksnake maybe too
  2. Littlewoods building Liverpool may 2018

    Fond memories of this place,nice to see it again!!!
  3. Michael Jackson Memorial Tree, Budapest

    Hahaha exactly what i was thinking as I scrolled down....
  4. Battery Mendell

    That is cool,luv it....
  5. Pilgrimage of the Village People.

    High viz works every time esp with a clip board too ..but that's another story. Two alright Locations and nice pics with em mate ,nice1
  6. Disclaimer!

    Anyone who is shit scared of a painted stick man on a wall is a dick trust me....
  7. Manchester Cottaging Arches

  8. I can see the pub from here!!!!

    I like that...
  9. L of a Shelter -Liverpool

    AS HITLER'S bombs rained down on Liverpool, thousands of people were forced underground for shelter.About 1,200ft of shelter was built beneath the Littlewoods site to protect the workers.The art deco building housed crucial elements of Britain's war effort, with its printing presses churning out National Registration forms and boffins breaking Hitler's codes.Having explored the inside of this place i had heard that there was a shelter beneath it but finding the access was a bit of a pain but eventually with a little look around i managed to come across it.Last i heard was they were trying to save the Banksy style murals & maybe have them listed but doing a bit of researching into the shelter i don't think they are as yet. The murals were first discovered back in 2005..No park space was harmed during this explore... :lol: Thanks....
  10. Oh Hello....

    Ahh this where you have been eh? Looking good