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  1. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    looks cool! I’ve not actually seen this place before..
  2. Littlewoods building Liverpool may 2018

    Loving the 7th picture
  3. Parking--Thoughts on urbex parking

    I’ve literally dumped my beloved Audi in some farmers field and decided to disappear for 2 hours, was all safe! When up north the boyfriend drove so when parking at said hotel we parked half a mile down the road 😂
  4. this isn't urbexing this is vandalism!

    I wonder if he jumps off that balcony if he would bounce🤔
  5. Members Area?

    Pretty sure it’s disappeared? But I know when you’re not logged in you can’t see any chat..
  6. Hotel of trash!

    went with my friend
  7. Hotel of trash!

    Seen this place on maps and seen some reports, so whilst up North I took a peak. I'm 1000% sure someone was also in there, never ran so fast in my life, I was on second floor and heard someone coming downstairs..
  8. Second time around..

    Visited North Wales again so got to see this place once more, thought there would be more secca but apparently not. Not really much to show as I've previously made a report on this!
  9. Boaty Mc'Boat Face

    When we went there they were building some kind of little hut next to it! Would of loved to explore it when it closed as the fun ship
  10. Boaty Mc'Boat Face

    Info from Wiki Along with her sister ships the TSS Duke of Rothesay and the TSS Duke of Argyll she was amongst the last passenger-only steamers built for British Railways (at that time, also a ferry operator).[1] She was a replacement for the 1928 steamer built by the London Midland and Scottish Railway, RMS Duke of Lancaster. Built at Harland & Wolff, Belfast and completed in 1956, she was designed to operate as both a passenger ferry (primarily on the Heysham-Belfast route) and as a cruise ship. In this capacity, the Duke of Lancaster travelled to the Scottish islands and further afield to Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Spain. From the mid-1960s, passenger ships such as the Duke of Lancaster were gradually being superseded by car ferries.[1] Rather than undertake the expensive option of renewing their entire fleet, British Railways instead began a part-programme of conversion. In order to maintain ferry services whilst these modifications took place, the Duke of Lancaster's duties as a cruise ship ceased.[2] On 25 April 1970 the ship returned to service, having had her main deck rebuilt to accommodate vehicles via a door at her stern. The ship now provided space for 1,200 single-class passengers and 105 cars, with a total cabin accommodation for 400 passengers.[2] The three ships continued on the Heysham-Belfast route until the service was withdrawn on 5 April 1975. The Duke of Lancaster was then briefly employed on the Fishguard-Rosslare crossing, before becoming the regular relief vessel on the Holyhead–Dún Laoghaire service until November 1978. The ship was then laid up at Barrow in Furness, Cumbria.
  11. RUN! She is coming! April 2018

    I'm so excited to go back here!
  12. trees

    Went for a stroll up the mountain, got lost for an hour and took some pictures of trees. All pictures are taken on my phone
  13. pretty church

    I'll try again next time I go, couldn't see a way in
  14. pretty church

    Came across this on maps, really pretty place.
  15. Not a lot about this place, I believe the bowling part shut down in 2009 and then the crystal maze part shut down in 2010. Oakwood own this place and have no plans for it besides letting it rot away. Whoever is trying to look after this place is attempting to keep people out. Heard about this place from a different site, easy to find, such a pain in the arse to get into as there's a very tight gap to try and squeeze through.. The bowling alley/games room. The Maze.