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    No but they are lol
  2. The Dolls House

    Now as a rule I don't explore houses and I dont explore alone, so this morning I decided it would be a good idea to go and explore and abandoned house all on my own. But with a marriage proposal from one of our members already under my belt today what could go wrong? well....err nothing it seems. I have no history whatsoever on this place but I do need to say a huge thank you to a non member explorer for the intel on this.Thank you miss Bugs. On with the pics. This pace has been empty a long while by the looks of things but it has been emptied of all items and somehow still seems to hang on to lots and lots of charm. After finding the entry point I decided to do away with the usual surefooted stealthy ninja technique and after much deliberation decided that a method of falling head first into the building and landing on my face instead would be much more dignified!!! Well I was in at least. [/url] On google earth there are loads of Volvos here in various stages of derp but they have all been removed apart from one but a fantastic little explore this was, really enjoyed it and if I wasn't such a girl cus I was on my own I'd have stayed longer but without the chuckle brothers as backup it was a quick visit 8/10 from me this place and in case you are wondering the entry technique works just as well for exfil. Thanks for looking.
  3. Things that fly :D

    Which one? There has been so many
  4. Peoples Pics

    Top shot.
  5. Hill of Crosses, Lithuania - October 2015

    I have to agree with the unkempt one, this place is very near the top of my places to revist. It is a truly amazing sight.
  6. Doll Garden of Sabile, Latvia

    It wasn't spooky, the lady that owned it was clearly dangerous and very probably armed and it was just shit. The sun was out however.
  7. Mmmmm Mill - 2015

    This September?
  8. Proper derp is this chuck Thanks for posting.
  9. The Dolls House

    Seemed to be yes in fact it still is, it was at Liverpool the other day as well
  10. E Cinema - Burnley - 2015

    It was nice but tried to kill you with every step.
  11. I do like this place, I may pick your brains at some point. Thanks for posting.
  12. Suggestions!

  13. A FOXY LADY.

    Lovely pics but why would you rescue vermin? I'll put my fingers in my ears
  14. Very Early one morning recently I was to pick Up Porky Pig in the mid life crisis time machine and meet up with the scouse duo of Blacksnake and the young wizard like PyroSyndicate at a location the shall remain quiet . So after fighting with the traffic on the north west motorway system we arrived behind the pink dream machine that Blacksnake uses when he's above ground, he emerged with his matching pink tripod and pyro with his quiff that really doesn't match anything now bou bands are no longer the big noise. We exchanged insults for a while in the time honoured tradition of Mancs vs Scouse ne'er do well's, check my wheels were on really tight then like smoke we were gone and inside in what has to be the easiest entry I have ever had. No history or details on this place for good (but not disclosable)reason Pics Actualy really enjoyed this place but just needed a little more time 7/10 from me
  15. Last days of a Primary School

    Nice one That place looks in better nick than my old skoo
  16. Mannequin Mansion in Scotland (photo heavy)

    Outstanding work Mr S
  17. A Walk Around The Park

    Can be arranged is all I'll say
  18. Ooh Matron!

    Ta chuck twas a good morning
  19. Ooh Matron!

    Time:- 0700 hrs Location:- Classified! Date:- Classified! Reports were coming in thick and fast this Morning of strange goings on in an affluent and leafy suburb. At exactly 0700 hrs on a bright day all the birds suddenly stopped their dawn chorus and fell silent, just briefly. All the dogs within a 3 hundred metre radius of the town centre whimpered and cowered, just for a moment and then resumed their doggy activites. Small children suddenly woke and cried out for "mummy", just once and then fell back to peaceful sleep. Any residents that were outdoors at this time felt a sudden, subtle rush of air and thought they caught a brief movement out of the corner of their eye, but couldn't be sure. They felt the very air crackle with static and then it was gone almost before it even started. No one knew what was going on, well almost no one, Z3nabi and myself did. Two weasels moved so fast and so stealthily that onlookers didn't so much as see them but only saw the way that light was warped as they passed, it's a pity the folk from CERN were not present as the street behind them was littered with Higgs Boson particles, small wormholes in time and dimensions opened and then closed before strange beings could get through and then it was over and we were in, leaving leafy suburbia in a daze. History Leafy suburbia’s hospital services began in 1853 when Lloyd’s Fever Hospital was built. By 1860 the hospital was making a vital contribution to improving access to health care for local residents. A Provident Dispensary was opened in 1861. Subscribers of a weekly sum could be treated at the hospital when necessary. The population of leafy suburbia was growing and in 1870, the management of Lloyds Fever Hospital and Provident Dispensary was handed over to the new leafy suburbia Provident Dispensary and Hospital, marking the establishment of what would become Something else. A new building to accommodate the growing population was proposed and a site on Market Street was chosen. Records show the building was occupied in March 1871, although no evidence of an official opening ceremony has been found. A man and his wife were also employed to reside in the hospital for the purpose of cleaning, attending to patients and assisting the resident dispenser. The first matron for the hospital was a Mrs. Tatham, who was appointed in 1872 at the salary of £30 a year with board and lodgings. A report on the first year of service dated to 1872 reported that the number of in-patients admitted to the hospital was 28, of whom 17 were discharged as cured and four died. The average length of stay for patients was 36 days. Lloyds Fever Hospital closed in 1911. The building was pulled down and the site turned into a children’s playground. As the threat of the First World War emerged the local Red Cross Society asked the hospital for permission to train volunteer nurses on its wards. It was agreed that two nurses would be trained at a time if they provided their own uniforms. On 10th August 1914, six days after the declaration of war the hospital sent a telegram to the War Office offering the use of a ward of 16 beds for wounded soldiers. By November the ward was in full use. The hospital continued to provide healthcare after the outbreak of World War II with beds reserved for expected air-raid casualties. Th'explore and pics Once inside it was a bit of a disappointment to be honest especially after that build up! My pics were also a bit poo so please excuse the heavy editing. T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt T Bolt We met some other jolly nice explorer chaps and chapess but they were not Ninja like us but nice all the same and after pleasantries were exchanged it was then time to leave. Again it was like a blur, it was almost art or poetry it was so slick or as Mrs Bolt put it when I explained it to her later, 2 fat lads, covered in shit squashing under a fence in broad daylight with a passerby chap doing his best not to notice us!!!! Fair cop I spose Hopefully Z3nabi will have more pics if they ever get processed. 6/10 from me on this one.
  20. A Famous Sanitorium in Berlin 2012

    You know what it was pictures in a magazine of this place that got me interested in this silly hobby in the first place. Nice one Well jel
  21. Abandoned Hotel 2012

    Hotel Derpafornia Thanks for sharing
  22. Hotel Du Crap, Walsall 2013

    Love that window in pic 2
  23. Pig Farm, Ambergate, Derbyshire 2011

    Thank you for taking the time to repost all these chuck, I've Really enjoyed looking through your old posts.
  24. Oakhurst House, Ambergate Derby 2011

    That's rather fecked Is it still there do you know?