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  1. The Baron, april 2018

    I rather like this sir I've never been but think I should now Nicely done .

    Bloody nice work mate 👍
  3. RUN! She is coming! April 2018

    Good god thats in a shit state. Externals still hold up though. Nice work WD.
  4. Out of Hibernation

    How do and welcome to the forum Ya lazy git!
  5. The Mortuary Chapel, April 2018

    Nice one waveychaps. Looks a bit fooked that sir
  6. pretty church

    Nice looking place Pity you couldn't get any shot from inside but it's all about timing.
  7. fancy a game of bowling? Picture heavy.

    Very nicely done that chuck Proper exploring.
  8. Wisdom

    I carry coffee Fraggs carries brown sugar for some reason

    Nice work I rather like the external pics sir
  10. Queen Califia's Magical Circle

    Thats horrid and moreish all at the same time, reminds me a bit of the Antoni Gaudí stuff in Barcelona for some reason, not sure why cus it's feck all like it tbh. 😂
  11. Derba's House

    Wow what a view that is to have your toast and marmite.
  12. Fall Water...Fall

    Very nicely done chuck
  13. Pokin around at permanite, august 2017

    Nice work mate, wasn't keen on this place myself but you've done a good job there.
  14. Letters please.

    Nice work young skywalker Porky as a postman you would have gone to the wrong building then left a card saying noone was in when we tried to deliver your parcel even though we couldn't be arsed to knock and find out!!!!!
  15. Tax Returns!!!

    Why, thank you sir.