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  1. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    Imagine few folks here taking turns in the same car and posting reports.
  2. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    Great find and write-up, have you got any blog about this 3500 miles in a £500 car trip? Sounds like something I'm planning with missus one day.
  3. Wisdom

    Killing them slowly so we can explore without being bothered, huh? Good plan!
  4. The colliery, april 2018

    That blue door reminds me of "Dark" series on Netflix, interesting place!

    That's a great find, nice and clean site. If there's one thing I learned from the movies it is that carrying a sausage with you should make you best friends with any security dog.
  6. Soviet Krug antenna circle

    I know, I forgot the "OMG THERE ARE GHOSTS HERE" bits and shaking the camera a lot too. Sorry!

    Nice find, I like private properties, much more personal than industrial sites.


    Who keeps a disco ball in their liiving room?
  10. Chernobyl zone videos

    Terra P for the accuracy, nice red Polaron Pripyat for this soviet feel, although the readings aren't that trustworthy and it drains 9V batteries like I drain my tea mug at work.
  11. Soviet Krug antenna circle

    It's hard to find anyone even remotely interested in urban exploration who hasn't heard of the Russian Woodpecker - an over the horizon radar, part of the early warning system against intercontinental ballistic missiles heading towards the USSR. Not that many people are aware of a site hidden in the woods just less than a mile in straight line from the Duga radar. Krug (Russian word for circle) was an array of antenna masts placed along a 200-m wide ring. It's believed that its primary function was to probe the ionosphere and help with setting the optimal working parameters for the Russian Woodpecker. Systems like this could be found all over the Soviet Union, some more facts and locations can be found here: http://www.thelivingmoon.com/45jack_files/03files/Krug_Antenna_Circles_01_Europe_Ukraine.html On our last visit to the Chernobyl Zone we decided to check this site. It took as some time to find as the road is now covered in trees, leaves and bushes and looks more like a disused hiking trail than road to an important military site. My friend who claimed he's a bit of an expert in navigation so we don't really need a map and will find it in a jiffy also played his part. The antennas are cut and piled around their original locations and the control building has hardly any equipment left, but being so remote and difficult to access it was an interesting afternoon for us. The basement is flooded to about waist level so if it wasn't for the layer of ice on the surface we'd need to give up on this explore. At the end of the underground corridor we found remains of the control panels covering the walls, with Russian words for Azimuth, Frequency and power meters, plus a board with smiling high-rank party officials in the "technical room" Atom the dog, guardian of the Russian Woodpecker, followed us all day long so we shared our last bits of food with that good boy. Sorry for the "dramatic" music but my microphone was dead so it was this or a complete silence, feel free to mute it if you're not a fan.
  12. Glory - May 2018

  13. Glory - May 2018

    I hope you didn't touch anything there!
  14. Chernobyl zone videos

    A short clip I made today, watch with sound and enjoy!
  15. Chernobyl zone then and now.

    Few more photos from the series I posted few months ago, enjoy: The main square in Pripyat: Palace of Culture 'Energetik' Hotel Polissya, also on the main sqare: Liquidators chilling on the Lazurny swimming pool after work: Shops and the famous mosaics on them, all located on Lenin Avenue: Care Pripyat and the harbour: Pripyat bus station: g Cinema 'Prometheus', the monument has been relocated to a spot outside of the Chernobyl Power Plant 'Friendship of the nations' monument located on the street by the same name: