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  1. Hello

    Howdy good sir!
  2. Viva Las Vegas - March 2016

    Great place and photos as always!
  3. A really derpy Castle

    My visit to Kenmure Castle was an accidental find as I spotted this place from a road and asked a local cafe owner what is it and how to get there. God bless Wikipedia.

    Nice explore, have you tried opening that safe?
  5. Flooded radioactive underground chemical lab

    That game got be obsessed with Chernobyl, just playing Call of Pripyat again.
  6. Kiev Drain System

    Only if you eat too many sauerkraut and mushroom pierogies for dinner!
  7. snow snow snowwwww!

    I measured, there's 14 inches of snow here!
  8. Clogs

    That red singing and talking school bus.. My daughter used to play with it for hours when she was a toddler, I still have it somewhere in the attic (it has different stickers if I remember correctly).
  9. Williamsons Tunnels, Liverpool

    Added to my list!
  10. Flooded radioactive underground chemical lab

    I'm really attracted to dark places under the ground level. And I've grown a beard. And I love a good ale. And digging for precious stones. And forging weapons.. I might have a dwarven blood somewhere down my my family tree, I've got to have a serious word with my mother next time I see her. Anyway, I was obsessed with this basement for some time now. It's not as bad as it seems at first, I was mostly worried about the powder, I really wouldn't like to disturb and breath in any of it. It's hard to tell what that thing really is, there are plenty of theories about it but no real explanation from what I could find. It if has the contents claimed by some people who say they tested it (cesium, plutonium, strontium etc), then it might be ground graphite parts of the reactor control rods. Why is it there, who left it and why? Crazy Ruskies had plenty of secrets.. The radiation level is quite high, I measured about 1000-1500uSv/h, for comparison it's showing background level of 0.12 in my house, that's over 10,000 times less.. Standing close to those boxes for would give a human body a recommended civilian annual dose in an hour or two, depending where you live, however some medical tests can be worse, a chest x-ray gives an exposure of around 1000uSv, CT scans few times that much. I think I'll be fine as long as I haven't inhaled or swallowed any of that stuff. I could only measure gamma radiation without taking my geiger counter out of a bag and fiddling with it, so combined with alpha and beta it's much higher for sure. Considering all this I should be fine after just few minutes so close, at least I hope so. I left behind the waders, gloves, lab coat and mask filters, washed my gear with wet wipes, rinsed the mask with some water and packed tightly, then rinsed it again back in the hotel. Better safe than sorry. And at the end we decontaminated ourselves with some home-made chestnut vodka.
  11. Reposting from the old site: A factory located on the outskirts of Pripyat, officially producing tape recorders and other home electronics while in reality it was heavily involved in semiconductors production for the Soviet military. The site remained operational until the early 1990's and the basements were likely used as a nuclear fallout decontamination research facility after the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. There are four really interesting things in there: a welded shut, heavy steel door (unlikely the soviets guarded some stationery supplies in there...), remains of a chemical laboratory and some military-style metal crates filled with highly radioactive fine powder. One explorer claims he tested a sample on a mass spectrometer and the contents matches the fission products you'd expect to find in the RBMK reactor. At the end of one of the corridors there's also an elevator shaft which seems to go even deeper with some oily substance spilling through a gap in the door. The air in the basements is damp, stinks of solvents and chemicals and I wouldn't like to touch that murky water with bare skin for any money.. Full coveralls and face mask highly recommended. I got lucky to get a spare one from the engineers working on the ventilation system at work, saved me a lot of money. My main torch died a day before so the footage is quite dark there, I'm hoping to return again with some better light. If you're bored by the walking around part just skip to 4:00 mark: Here we go then.. The mysterious door to Narnia:
  12. Milkbank House - abandoned mansion in Scotland

    Thanks all, I've been there twice. Not far there was an old saw mill but it's on a private farm property, the owner wasn't keen on anyone waling around and told us the building is empty inside anyway so I didn't bother sneaking in.
  13. The Church on the Hill

    Looks like a location from a paper and dice D&D adventure, stunning!
  14. Derpy Welsh Farm (pic heavy)

    Doesn't look structurally sound!
  15. Carssss!

    Perks of living in Scotland: Although sometimes it can be a bit... R.I.P. old friend, the rust has won.