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  1. Sports Venue, Varna - August 2017

    Thanks for sharing. Now I just need a plane ticket, accommodation, car hire, and the funds to pay for it. And the time off work.
  2. Duck College 2013

    Always interesting to explore somewhere you used to know.
  3. Last days of a Primary School

    The tambourine deserved that.
  4. GT Pub, Bolton - 2015

    Always an interesting feeling, finding out you're not alone.
  5. E Cinema - Burnley - 2015

    Well done for even trying that. Looks like it had the structural integrity of a vanilla slice.
  6. Bulgaria is definitely delivering surprises... On the list (the list is getting very long)
  7. A load of sh*t sheds

    WW2 camp? I like the graffiti lass with her vintage hairdo.
  8. The Snakes Pit

    Bonus points for the woolspin. Nice straw stalactites too. Orange or yellow hiviz?
  9. Chemical Ali

    An excellent report in the finest tradition of exploring excellence. 10/10
  10. Wogans place

    Lovely pics there. Though it's not a proper explore until someone has got wedged in a tree / fence / window / crawl hole.
  11. Boys Village

    Bleak. I like it.
  12. East Fortune Hospital

    Nice selection of WTF there!I wondered what it was with all the prams, then I realised someone somewhere probably has a blinding set of soapbox racers...
  13. Thanks for posting - my Grandad's funeral service was at this church. I don't remember much of it (does anyone remember much about funerals?) but I remember the sandstone building in a town built in millstone grit. I hope they find a use for it.

    I thought the colour balance had gone on your camera with the second shot. Painting a room that colour is not a mark of a sane mind...
  15. Cinema V, Bury - December 214

    I know. I was about 14 and a mate and I went in the vain hope that there might be some other fanciable humans there that we weren't directly related to (difficult in the East Lancashire valleys). There weren't any fanciable humans there and the film was godawful.