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    Ohhh that's lovely that is and well shot..

    Really nice pics. Have to say the first room was huge and pics really dont do it justice @Tbolt @Fragglehunter you need to see it. Shows its still viable . Good stuff @PORKY PIG
  3. Underground Zoo - Nov 2017

    Thanks @Fragglehunter m8ty . And yep deffo worth the visit having the chance. How long its got left is another story lol...
  4. Underground Zoo - Nov 2017

    thanks @FunkyMuffin and yep the bits worth seeing are nice and quite intact surprisingly .
  5. Underground Zoo - Nov 2017

    Have to agree its a soso place . But the walls etc The ones intact anyways lol are quite lovely . Thanks for reply m8ty. And good luck on the other one cant wait for pics
  6. Clogs

    Ha never did get round to this myself. Still looks a good mooch . Nice one bolt m8ty good shots and post
  7. Underground Zoo - Nov 2017

    Ok lets get some stuff up. Starting with this . The reason you come here is for that lovely wall and hall area .. This Office building. 1889. By Alfred Waterhouse. Brick with terracotta dressings, and red plain tiled roof. 3 storeys raised over basement with attic. 3-window range with recessed polygonal towers over entrances to each side. Polished granite plinth and piers to round-arched entrance in shallow projecting gabled porch. 3 wide round-arched windows to ground floor, each of 3 lights with small upper panes. Raised lettering "Prudential Assurance Buildings" over ground floor windows. 3-light mullioned and transomed windows above, with decorative terracotta panelled architraves and cartouches over each window. Second floor windows similar. Lozenge frieze below modillion eaves cornice. New dormer windows in roof, and gable end stacks. 2-light transomed windows in 3 faces of angle towers, with decorative terracotta dressings. Attic storey above cornice, and interlace decoration to frieze over attic windows. West return of white glazed brick, with long 2-storeyed wing with 5 wide segmentally-arched windows and smaller windows to service range beyond. East return brick and terracotta, with canted angle to rear gable. Rear range parallel to street links the two wings. INTERIOR of main hall has ornate plaster panelled ceiling and tiled walls. This was odd cause went week before to scout it out then after finding a risky but simple way in off the fire scape went back week later with mr gronk only to find a much much easier way lol. This was a fun little mooch and one place i wanted to see for a while. Put it here cause it does have a underground pub hence the name. On you tube there is an awesome spoof vid from here claiming its manchesters hidden underground bar lol Epic funny vid. Cant really find any history shame really. But what i do know is it was used has a club and got shut up due to various reasons lol.. Anyways on with pics 20171119_161825 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_160737 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_155303 by rob dennis, on Flickr Sadly bar has nothing left 20171119_153642 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153550 by rob dennis, on Flickr What you come to see 20171119_153428 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153323 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153257 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153135 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153046 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_153019 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_152319 by rob dennis, on Flickr Few roof shots to end 20171119_151921 by rob dennis, on Flickr 20171119_152048 by rob dennis, on Flickr Thanks for looking all .. Nice to do a report again And big thanks to @Tbolt for helping with flikr to get some stuff up.
  8. Hey fetlers

    not far from me and welcome hope you have a good time here
  9. Suggestions!

    Would like to see an increase in reactions per day. Shame I can't say thanks etc without a limit . Just an idea lol...
  10. Wogans place

    Mmm cottage goodness . Nicely shot matey . Thanks for post
  11. Cinema V, Bury - December 214

    Jesus this brings back memories.. Did the restaurants next to it also. Only thing I never got was that damn bowling alley lol... Thanks for post and good memories .
  12. Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

    Choo Choo m8ty lol.. Gr8 pics looks good. Thanks for post
  13. Suggestions!

    Count me in.. Should be fun..
  14. Manchester Cottaging Arches

    @Fragglehunter probably laughed at first . Then got a bit of you tube footage you know gotta get some viral net to go with your viral caught shit lmao . Then woulda got ya out m8ty then we could both have shitty hosi food and some antibiotics to cure herpes and all manner of shitty stds from that crappy water. Then when we get slightly better get on roof of hosi for some shots . If we can't do that then we go explore hosi and find it's nooks and crannies. However hoping we don't find morgue I'm ok with empty ones but working ones hell no lol.
  15. And I'm back

    Hi @Dystopia hope your good..