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  1. Worm Factory - July 2016

    Some excellent stuff!
  2. underneath the arches, aug 2015

    I really like this place, some great photos there sir. As for that skeleton...ewww!!
  3. The Glass House

    Awesome pics sir. I’m particularly fond of the black & whites
  4. Viva Las Vegas - March 2016

    That’s too bad for me but I suppose good for the property. Hopefully not gotten to by the vandals
  5. Viva Las Vegas - March 2016

    This place is amazing! Is it still standing or do you think it’s been completely wrecked?
  6. Kinky Boots - July 2017

    An absolutely glorious place! Stunning photos sir.
  7. Crowning Glory Hole - May 2016

    Well and truly wrecked, but I too am a sucker for old theatres. You got some fab pics of the place!
  8. D-ream Cottage - Sept 2015

    I’m liking this place, lots! Great shots there sir!
  9. Carrot Crunch House - Feb 2016

    I really like this place, excellent!
  10. Taxing Floors - April 2016

    I love the shots of the stairs and the front gate. Deceiving from the outside. Nice shots though.
  11. Oakee Dokee - Feb 2016

    She’s more than a bit wrecked, but splendid nonetheless!
  12. Oaks Hurt, september 2016

    She’s still quite impressive from the outside. PS: glad you didn’t step on that floor! Thanks for sharing 😊
  13. Tax deductable, May 2017

    Holy sh**! Now that’s a death trap. Glad you made it out alive. Great pics though.

    This IS something special! Awesome pics!
  15. [Chernobyl] Power Plant Control Room

    OMG!!!! How excellent is this?! I’m drooling. Wish I could go there right NOW!