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    There’s nothing I like better than an old church. May not be much left inside but she still holds some beauty. I rather like the last shot as well.
  2. Titos Abandoned villa, Croatia

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your posts. After all those places, how many photos do you need to go through, a few thousand?!

    Lovin the shots of the pools. I can only imagine what would have happened if that beast of a dog had spotted you 😳

    Great shots. I often wonder what causes people to take only their clothes and leave everything else behind 🤔
  5. Hollywood or summat

    Fabulous guys, what a find! 😍
  6. Salem Chapel May 2018

    Thank you kind sir! I wouldn’t mind a revisit. Maybe I’ll wrap myself in bubble wrap first 🤣
  7. Hotel of trash!

    A training facility?! Looks too dangerous for that. 😂 great explore!
  8. Second time around..

    I’m so glad you didn’t get caught by that madman! It is pretty trashed but I do love that church
  9. Abandoned Devon Mansion

    The China still in the cabinet blows my mind! Great find 😊
  10. Glory - May 2018

    That’s one hell of a love shack 😂
  11. Underneath the clogs and barmcakes

    This is truly wonderful. Write up gave me a good giggle. Who was spinning? You or the other guy? I hear it gets pretty warm
  12. Salem Chapel May 2018

    Thank you! Like you said, “it’s all in the timing”. I do think that there are quite a few pews missing though, seems more trashed than on your visit 😞
  13. Passing by

    Cool shot, but secretly you’re wishing you could sleep on it 😉
  14. Salem Methodist Chapel in Arthog was built in 1833 and rebuilt in 1868 in the Gothic syle of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas Thomas of Landore. Salem closed in 1973 and has remained disused to this day. The Visit: A huge thank you to @Tbolt for the local! The first visit was a failure, I'd been on the road all day, I was tired and it had started to rain. I still needed to drive to Porthmadog for the night so I gave up. I was due to visit Denbigh the next day but this chapel was eating at the back of my mind all night. The next morning I decided to give it a go. I found an entry point and somebody had conveniently discarded a small bin in the bushes. I thought it would be easy, but as I squeezed my body through the opening, with one toe on a pew I slipped. Camera in hand I landed with an almighty thud. A dust cloud circled around me and I was worried I had ruined my lens. I have never been so filthy in all my life, my camera was pretty dusty as well. It turned out ok, but it took several minutes to regain my composure. I can say it was just as difficult to get out!
  15. Dead Sheep Chapel May 2018

    Thank you! 😊