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  1. Out of Hibernation

    Welcome - I'm from West Midlands too.
  2. Wisdom

    Always carry water. Dehydration gives you a horrible headache and impaired judgement. There's also the possibility that you may need to hide from someone and will be stuck somewhere for some time. I have at least one bottle on my person when I explore, more in summer. It is best to explore with someone else but if a solo explore is unavoidable, make sure that someone on the outside knows where you are just in case you get into difficulties. I will always text the precise location to someone and often, will say that I will text back in a couple of hours. If you are like me, you will finish your text with something cheerful like "here's where to find the body if you hear nothing." Other people use derelict buildings such as drug users, the homeless and those who fall into both categories. Whilst you are best to avoid them, there's always a chance that you will round the corner and find yourself faced with a situation that makes you think "shit cakes - coma white alert!*" Just in case you are in this situation, always be polite and courteous to the people you come across -They are often flattered to be spoken to as humans and it will diffuse a lot. You may want to consider carrying a small amount of appeasement money for in case they ask for change and in carrying a small offering, you may take their attention from whatever other goodies you may be packing. Just as some homeless people do, carry your "sacrifice money" in a separate place to larger sums of money or credit/debit cards on outer clothing - that way, you can use the "I only have this" line confidently and with evidence. They may also enjoy a peace offering of cigarettes if you smoke or chocolate bars along with some change. Not only will this potentially save you from being beaten and left, they may be kind enough to warn you about damage in the floors or tell you about interesting features. Many people in the urbex community are loveable souls but sadly, there is a horrible epidemic that makes some wedge their heads in tight places that not even the best proctologist can free them from. Unfortunately there appears to be no cure for this malady and sadly, it can even happen to people you have known for a while. If you are new to this wonderful hobby, please be aware that you will probably come across some people who you would happily leave face down in a ditch. Stop and just enjoy the moment and the environment - really, take the time to savour the place with all your senses (okay, not taste). It really is worth treasuring the drip drip of leakage, wind through the corridors, glass under your feet, the visual beauty and that gorgeous damp scent. It makes comforting thoughts and memories you can return to time and time again. *Coma White is a Marilyn Manson song about drug use. I will use the words "coma white" to pertain to the presence of the evidence of drug use. Example sentence: "That end room is looking a bit coma white."
  3. Hello

    Always a possibility, especially when he packed a dog and two large Welsh guard chavs. I know not of the dog but his pet guard chavs took commands in Welsh.
  4. Hello

    What became of Elwyn? I would have loved to have talked to him about how he remembers Denbigh asylum when it was open. However, I doubt he'd have been cooperative even if I attempted and wasn't tying to gain access. Welcome btw.
  5. Out of Hibernation

    Holy crap, you're still alive Thin Ice - Welcome back! I remember meeting you at a piss up...I think it was up north somewhere.
  6. Clogs

    I love the machinery and the clog posters!
  7. Carssss!

    Voice of experience?
  8. And I'm back

    I'm great thank you. Hope you're doing well too. Just busy sorting out things.
  9. snow snow snowwwww!

    Give him a fuss and cuddle for me!
  10. Suggestions!

    That sounds rude!
  11. snow snow snowwwww!

    What a beautiful little dog! Not fond of snow, it scares me when I have to get about in it but I love dogs!
  12. Suggestions!

    I used to drink moderately at home when I didn't go out at weekends. However, since being medicated it is an absolute no no. What I take amplifies the effects of alcohol, which for some people can make them abuse it. However for me, it only amplifies the depressive and sleep robbing elements so it is no fun anymore. I don't think I'd want to leave being teetotal though even if they cure me tomorrow, as I love zero grogginess! I have had idiots buy me lemonade and vodka back when I only drank at home and was on a night out. I would then have the embarrassment of declining said drink as soon as I tasted the alcohol in the drink. Alcohol was always a drug for sedation when alone and I've never liked drinking with others. I used to always call alcohol "woollen numbness of anaesthesia" after the Nurse With Wound song because that was precisely the role it played in my life. I don't get why some people feel the need to try to force it onto others. Booze, smoke, pop pills, do whatever makes you feel like you have an escape but don't force me into it.
  13. Suggestions!

    I need a bit of notice to go places. My brain does not deal well with sudden changes in routine. Sandwiches and a little picnic - yay! Oh and let's get it out of the way if a piss up is going to be involved at any point - yes I'm teetotal. No, I don't think it makes me any better than you and I actually enjoy laughing at friendly drunks and being just as silly despite being sober. No it isn't funny to spike my drinks with alcohol because I am on lifelong medication that is incompatible with booze (for my body at least). It would ruin my time if I wind up sitting there upset because I think that life isn't worth living any more and it will undoubtedly ruin yours too. If I don't wind up acting on my depressive mood, I will then wind up with a chronic insomnia relapse, resulting in being too ill to attend work for a few days until I go begging to my GP for Zopiclone. To anyone wondering why I'm being dull and not even having one drink - it isn't you, its me.
  14. And I'm back

    Hello again!
  15. Hello new home

    Welcome back!