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  1. Suggestions!

    Rolex's around here are for the kids of drug dealers (90% of them are fake) and drug dealers in a mid life crisis also wearing a Rolex....
  2. Carssss!

    I was looking at the Mustang (Ford GT 500KR) fairly priced but damn the insurance, especially at my age.
  3. Carssss!

    Certainly better looking!
  4. Carssss!

    Trust me... I plan to be long gone at that point!
  5. Carssss!

    Agreed!! I'd love something to work on in a few years... An old monte carlo ss or something would be fun!
  6. Carssss!

    Ive always had a special place for a Ford GT 500KR
  7. Abandoned yet pretty Aslyum.

    Don't be a meany now tbolt!
  8. Abandoned yet pretty Aslyum.

    Thanks, And your explore reports too
  9. Abandoned yet pretty Aslyum.

    My kitten is like a child.... Lola's Instagram... (Don't Judge me)
  10. Ruined Farm

    Im loving that last image!! Shot Though the window.
  11. Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head

    Its because you drive a mid-life crisis...
  12. Statler and Waldorf's Box, Manchester

    See what everyone says... but it would be nice for everyone to get together on one big explore. Photos will be a little hard with a line of like-minded idiots and camera gear in a row outside the doors
  13. Statler and Waldorf's Box, Manchester

    I wonder if @PORKY PIG & @Fragglehunter is down for a revisit too... make it a few of us?
  14. Statler and Waldorf's Box, Manchester

    Yesss!! I guess I gotta get bribing...
  15. RNAS Longside (Lenabo). Aberdeenshire

    You are more than welcome my good sir!