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  1. Suggestions!

    All done sir! Enjoy;
  2. Restoring old posts

    Happy to hear you got em' back!! I look forward to reading them when they are reported.
  3. Suggestions!

    Amazing Idea! A meet-up in the near future would be great for everyone to introduce themselves! I think as a community we need to get togther more; be that in person or a 'town-hall' styled video/voice group call over the likes of WhatsApp or similar.
  4. A Walk Around The Park

    I see you hiding the pinkness of that tripod mr snake!
  5. Peoples Pics

    I wonder where this is?
  6. Rain on leaf

    Damn! Amazing shot!!
  7. East Fortune Hospital

    Amazing post! great job on the pictures and Im really enjoying the more industrial shots that you have for example the piping systems and such. Nice to see the classic urbex organ on site
  8. Denbigh

    Its never fun being stuck in the cold when exploring... but with sites like these you have to admit having a raining, foggy backdrop adds a certain something to the experience!!! Amazing pictures though, Sparked my interest too.
  9. Trainyard/ Factory explore (Cinematic)

    Amazing video with some stunning shots! Well done sir.
  10. The attempted murder of the Yorkshire cowboy

    Once again, Amazing write up with some stunning photography. Loving the work Mr, T!
  11. The Dolls House

    Great pictures and an amazing write up!! Loving the posts.
  12. House Plants Quarry

    I wonder if anything... what is down the metal works on picture 10? 'Soft Sand'
  13. Suggestions!

    If you have any suggestions, for the forum, or anything related leave a reply below! (Unless pinned, by staff or recommended these posts will reset weekly!)
  14. After this long term of upgrades and revamps, we shall be fully utilizing the forums emailing system, for important emails, such as outages and competition news and results. Please add [email protected] to your "safe email" list or you may miss out. Any problems or questions just directly message a member of the team, being - Blacksnake - Mod FraggleHunter - Admin PyroSyndicate - Admin