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  2. Fly boys

    Fantastic pics Sir. many thanks for sharing WB.
  3. Wogans place

    That is the dogs bits Sir. many thanks for sharing WB.
  4. And I'm back

    Welcome home.
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  6. And I'm back

    Hello sir Good to have you back with us.
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  8. And I'm back

  9. And I'm back

    Big hello to all. Glad I am back here on this new reborn site. Let's all make it the best there is. All the best from slim...
  10. Wogans place

    It was a while ago now so maybe has
  11. Fly boys

    Ta sir
  12. Fly boys

    great pics
  13. Wogans place

    I can't believe it hasn't been smashed and burned down three times by now! What a find, great report!
  14. cars!

    That red Audi 80 is damn lovely!
  15. cars!

    Some beauties there I know nowt about em either but I'm sure there are some will get very excited about these.
  16. Castell Dinas Brân.

    What a stunning place
  17. Castell Dinas Brân is a medieval castle occupying a prominent hilltop site above the town of Llangollen in Denbighshire, Wales. The presently visible castle was probably built in the 1260s by Gruffydd Maelor II, a Prince of Powys Fadog, on the site of several earlier structures, including an Iron Age hillfort. Really really high up a loooong mountain, even the dog and my boyfriend was quicker than me
  18. Last week
  19. cars!

    Was on a day out with the boyfriend and came across some cars! Don't really know anything about any of these cars.. only cars I know about are the Audi TT MK1
  20. Abandoned store and workshop in Greece

    That last photo is to die for matie.
  21. Abandoned store and workshop in Greece

    And this is why I drove there..
  22. We had very fond memories of our holiday in Greece few years ago so we went there once more earlier this year, this time a bit less rushed which gave me a chance to stop at few empty places, including this building I first took for a restaurant, located along the main road between Athens and Meteora monasteries. All I know about this object is that one day the owner and all staff locked the door to never return. Christmas decorations scattered around are quite sad, clearly few families didn't have a happy holiday that year..
  23. I can see the pub from here!!!!

    I like that...
  24. E Cinema - Burnley - 2015

    It will kill you sir
  25. Schooools Out

    got sealed the day after i went. now being converted
  26. The Mooch of Wellington

    love this place great report
  27. E Cinema - Burnley - 2015

    god i so want to do this been here 3 times got onto the gantry above the stage but no further! great pics
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