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  2. this isn't urbexing this is vandalism!

    These are two really punchable faces..
  3. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    Too late mi thinks now sir but I'll keep my ears open.
  4. This was an odd one for us- the place is not difficult to find on the net and the pics looked fab, but how much fun could we get out of somewhere that even the Daily Mail has produced an article about? lots actually This is on the edge of a small and comfortable town. Boult as part of the Nazi schools programme, it was later adopted by the DDR and used for education - ostensibly for overseas students from fellow traveller nationsgetting a slab of ostmark funded education. It seems that many were from sub saharan africa, from states with economic links to the cod communist E Blok of post war europe. Other rumours suggest some of it was used as a Stasi eduction residntial outpostAfter reunification, it seems to have been a sometime sporting college. Its now fully abandoned . This place is massive.
  5. Premier inn manchester june 2018

    Fine shots lavino sir Thanks for posting up
  6. Premier inn manchester june 2018

    It certainly does look like he was up there for 3 days! Fab shots, thanks for sharing
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  8. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    Fooked yer say???...I've seen worse,Denbigh for example..... Wouldn't mind a visit here actually as its been a while since I've done anything,could even drag Blacksnake maybe too
  9. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    Thank you young skywalker
  10. The Orphange Of St Magoo

    looks cool! I’ve not actually seen this place before..
  11. round barn quarry

    Just wondering if anyone on here has been underground at round barn quarry, just wondering how extensive it is and its general condition? thanks
  12. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Thank you! My trusty iPhone 6 has never let me down
  13. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Oh dear, don’t mention the word film to Tbolt. He’ll go rabid 😂
  14. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    I only have an Android LG K8 from Tesco and taking pictures is a drag, it takes so long to get itself sorted out the pics are usually not the best and usually shoogly too.. To be honest I find the same with my digital camera (Panasonic TZ8), it is so slow in getting itself together that instant action photos are just about impossible, ok if you have time to plan them and subject is still but otherwise really annoying. The old 35mm cameras were good for a quick point and shoot, I am even considering going back to one for a change despite the hassle of sending off the film and of course the cost etc!
  15. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    It's amazing an iPhone worked for long enough to take that many pics too.
  16. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Really nice close up, on an iphone...amazing.
  17. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Why thank you sir! Not too shabby for an iPhone 6
  18. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    This is derpy porn peelyness Like it loads and nice pics
  19. Parking--Thoughts on urbex parking

    That’s a tough one. I need to get as close as possible but I don’t want to ruin my brand new car either. I mostly parked by farmers fields when exploring in Wales. Close to home, usually in a neighbourhood teeming with people or the nearest supermarket 😂
  20. Soviet Krug antenna circle

    Damn! Excellent video! I still wouldn’t tread where you go, but damn! 😎
  21. Jutebog base, Brandenburg , Germany

    Fab pics, what an explore 😀
  22. this isn't urbexing this is vandalism!

    What a bunch of jackasses! Worse still there are people on YouTube that like them! Give me 5 min in a room with those retards and I’ll go all American on them
  23. Bletchley Park G Block May 2018

    Thank you, I pass the place everyday on the way to work. I should go back with my proper camera and have a real good nose
  24. Institute of the fallen angel, MAY 2018

    what an excellent perspective with your shots and also good to see somebody put a good bit of history on to boot

    splendid, looks so good I went twice. I had wanted a mooch around this for years, it wasn't what I had expected (I don't know what I expected to be honest) and I jolly well loved the place.
  26. The Mill of many midges, The North, may2018

    This is my kind of place to be honest, I do love a good mill
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